Facts about the Fairy Tale Dimension

On this page I accumulate the information I have shared in different blog posts for reference.

The blueprint of the FTD

In the FTD magic is possible and works well. Magic is taught in schools. Some inhabitants can shape-shift. Our laws of physics apply everywhere in our dimension. It is the same in the Fairy Tale Dimension. Sadly magic doesn´t work here on earth, but it works there. Basic physical laws can differ from country to country. It depends on the stories that are played there.

The Fairy Tale Dimension looks like a map

The structure of the Fairy Tale Dimension is one flat plane. Each part of the fairy tale dimension, every country, is located on the same large map. As you reach the border of one country you enter the next in a consecutive way. There are different ways and shortcuts to every country: Magic doors, valleys, everything you can come up with.

Each country has a different energy configuration so it can be tricky to travel from one country to another. Temperatures and seasons may suddenly change. The climate can be very different: There are icy and warm, wet and dry environments.

Time passes differently in each country dependent on the needs of the inhabitants. Some countries have longer days, some have longer nights. In some there is always night or day.


As you know from different fairy tales there are all kinds of sentient inhabitants. There are intelligent animals, humanoids and wise plants. I have even met a species of smart rocks. There are magic creatures like unicorns and dragons. I have met a herd of a meter- high playful unicorns and played with tiny dragons that reflected my emotions. They bite quite fiercely by the way.

An important group in the FTD are the magicians. They are healers, teachers and arbiters. Depending on the fairy tale yountry they live in they are able to manipulate the landscape an weather.

Magic Schools

Link to the story about the Magic School

Since the blueprint of the FTD supports magic there are schools for magicians. Magic schools are boarding schools where beings from all over the FTD are taught. The schools are secured by spells so the students can practise magic without being hurt. They learn how to use spells, create magic objects and manipulate energy in numerous other ways.


The fairy tale dimension has mostly rural societies. Their standard of technology is comparable to our middle ages. Because magic works, there really is no need for technology. Machines are mostly powered by magic.

Life Times

As I have stated before time is different in the FTD. In each country it can pass slower or faster depending on the needs of the inhabitants. This means that the creatures of the FTD have a very different concept about life times. My friend, the tree teacher, is probably more than 300 years old. The small unicorns I played with in the meadow I visited not long ago live in eternal light and don´t know how old they are. When they have played enough they change to another country in FTD or leave the dimension.

This accounts for me having hardly seen any graveyards. People appear from somewhere and go somewhere after a while. They age when it is part of the fairy tale they live in and they don’t age when it isn´t. The Grim Reaper is responsible for people leaving the dimension and the GrImporter for those who want to enter the dimension.


The fairy tale societies are structured very diversely. Some have kings and queens. Others have democratic rulers. Others don´t have any government at all, in Mertopia for example.


The FTD is growing, meaning that new countries are added to the plane of this dimension constantly. Other countries are given up and vanish or are forgotten. The ring bearer works together with the GrImporter when creating new countries.

Evolution happens in the FTD by changing the frequency of the dimension. You can translate frequencies into colours. On February 3rd 2018 the long overdue frequency change to yellow was implemented. This should have happened over 1000 years ago. There was no ring bearer who was able to do this.


The Ring Bearer

You can get more information here: The Ring Bearer

Responsible for the evolution of the FTD is the ring bearer. Only he or she can work with the blueprint, add and subtract countries and complete frequency changes. This ring bearer is the spiritual leader of the FTD. He is not responsible for governing. The ring bearer´s job is more that of a mediator.

This ring bearer is either a magician in the FTD or a healer in our dimension. This office is alternating between the dimensions and shows how very intertwined the two dimensions are. The last ring bearer was a magician from the FTD. I am the present ring bearer.

The ring

In both dimensions secret fraternities keep the ring energy safe when there is no ring bearer. They are also responsible for delivering it to the other dimension when a ring bearer shows himself.

The ring of the FTD is broad in the middle and there is some kind of blue material at both sides. It is framed with a silver material. The ring has another form in our dimension.


The three other insignias of the ring bearer

In the FTD the ring bearer has access to some magic objects that are called the “insignias of power”.  These objects come with the ring. They are very useful and help a lot with the normal tasks of the ring bearer. They are:

  1. A pair of boots that has wings on each boot that enable the bearer to move swiftly around (much like the greek god Hermes). With these boots you can take short cuts nobody else can take.
  2. A cape that has the power to make the bearer invisible (remember Harry Potter?). It also protects the user from all kinds of bad magic and keeps him safe.
  3. The cape is fastened by a big fibula. This is the third magic object and it can create a very strong light. From this light nothing can hide. Things and beings have to become visible as they truly are. This is very important because in the FTD so many things are not what they seem to be. Deception is an art form and quite normal. The light of the fibula can also be used to overcome every kind of darkness.

The home of the ring bearer

You can get more information here: The Home of the Ringbearer

I picture my home base in the FTD as a conglomerate of medieval buildings about two stories high. There is a round tower in the middle of the compound. One building in the front looks like a castle and is used only for representative purposes. It has a big hall that looks very impressive.

Normal visitors have only access to the castle. The other buildings look unpretentious and have a warm welcoming vibe. One of these buildings is my personal cottage. In the other buildings there are guest rooms, a kitchen, a small dining hall and quarters for the helpers. One of my favourite rooms is the library. The room is not very big but has a connection to every important library of the dimension. On the grounds you can also find a small arboretum, a kitchen garden and colourful flowerbeds. The paths that connect the buildings are made out of the black sand I found at home.

Some people have been living in my home base for years, some just stay for a couple of weeks. To get permission to enter this area people have to pass a thorough screening by the fraternity of the shadows. The fraternity is responsible for keeping my home safe. One could say that this part of my home is actually located “in the shadows”. In fact the buildings other than the castle can be perceived by people who have passed the screening only.

The shadows

Some info on the shadows: They are sentient and very much alive. When they are not needed i.e. being cast as a shadow they are free to go wherever they want. There are shadows of every kind of being. They shadow the skills of their owners. Some of them also have additional talents. The shadow of a mermaid for example feels much more comfortable out of the water than its owner. There are shadows of magicians and elves, trees, rocks and mermaids. Some of them have special skills that are very useful for the fraternity. A lot of the shadows belong to the fraternity of shadows and thus play an important albeit secret role in the FTD. They have special shadow pathways that enable them to travel swiftly all over the dimension.

Since the shadows know everything their owners know, the fraternity gathers lots of information. The headquarters of the fraternity is also on the grounds and is shrouded heavily in veils so only a handful of people know where it is and how to access it.

Books in the fairy tale dimension

In the FTD books are not very common. This is due to the fact that academia is not important in most of the fairy tale countries. People who read books are often magicians, healers or belong to governments.

A lot of people don´t have much use for knowledge from books. Basic arithmetic and writing are taught in most villages. Beings who want to get advanced education and are exceptionally bright are sent to boarding schools free of charge. The schools maintain themselves by selling the magic objects they produce.


The magic library

You can get more information here: The Magic Library

A lot of books have their home at the main library of the fairy tale dimension (FTD). It is located in a separate building near the magic school. It is not the only library but the biggest one. It is connected to other libraries in many different countries. Many magicians and teachers have libraries and some also have permanent passageways to the main library, just like me. The magic library has high ceilings and is lined with bookshelves.

Information about magic books

Some books can talk

Some books can interact with you. You can ask questions about their subject and they will answer as best as they can. They can also rephrase an answer if you have not understood. If you don´t speak the language they are written in, they will translate for you. Of course you can still read them by simply turning the pages.

They come in all sizes

There are miniscule books the size of your little fingernail and giant books about 2 meters long, a meter high and a meter wide. Some of these are big enough for you to sit in and listen to their story. Quite cosy, I can tell you.

Varieties and textures

Many books have pages made of paper. Others have silk pages or pages made of hide and things you don´t want to contemplate too closely. Some are made out of pure magic. Some are bound in leather some in velvet. There are ones that have a cover made of feathers, flowers or fungus.

Books can have personalities

The talking books in the FTD are sentient beings  and are alive in some way. Some you have to coax into talking and others will babble away easily. A book bound in barbed wire and spikes may be more difficult to talk to than a book with a cloud cover. That doesn´t mean necessarily that the cover will tell you something about the personality of the book.



The Grim Reaper

Visiting the Grim Reaper

What happens when people want to disengage from the fairy tale dimension altogether? For this you need the Grim Reaper. He is personified death. The Grim Reaper is an integral part of the FTD. His job is built into the blueprint of the dimension. He is the gatekeeper who escorts people out of the dimension into other states of consciousness. His job is really big and very important. He has hundreds of billions of possible clients: Every inhabitant of the FTD.

If someone is choosing to die they subconsciously call the Grim Reaper. He receives the signal and comes and gets them. There are many different manners of disengagement to choose from, but in the FTD most people prefer to simply vanish. They rarely create illnesses, accidents or other violent ways to disengage. Interestingly their bodies disappear with them. At the agreed time death appears in one of his disguises and takes them by the hand. With the other hand he opens the exit and escorts his client out.

Sometimes when he shows up a bit late people have changed their minds and this is where the legend of cheating the Grim Reaper comes from. In fact people don´t cheat death; they simply change their opinion and choose to stay longer.

The two insignias of the Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper uses his insignias to perform his duties. They are handed down from one reaper to the next.

The first item is the magic key that will open the door out of the dimension. I picture this key as a scythe. If you observe it closely however you can see that it does not have any sharp edges. It looks more like a big intricately crafted key with runes on it mounted on a stick. He is the only being who can open the door of the dimension with this key.

The famous black hooded cape is the second item. It helps the Grim Reaper to shapeshift and appear at a multitude of locations. To journey in all parts of the dimension simultaneously he has a specially outfitted room in his house. There are lots of mirrors on the walls facing inwards. Death stands in the middle of the room with his cape and key and his image is multiplied hundredfold. He then tunes in to the different calls for disengagement and walks through the mirrors in as many versions of himself as it takes to meet his clients everywhere in the dimension.

The GrImporter

The GrImporter

The GrImporter is the door into the fairy tale dimension. When you want to live in the FTD and make playful experiences there you connect with the GrImporter. Basically the GrImporter is the sales representative for the FTD. When there are vacancies in the different fairy tales he fills them by doing sales-pitches. For example:

“Ladies and gentlemen, there happens to be an opening in the very well-known fairy tale of Snow White. One of the seven dwarfs has just left the dimension and needs to be replaced. His name is Dopey.” He opens a video window to this fairy tale that shows the remaining six dwarfs happily cooking dinner in their beautiful old-fashioned house in the woods.


The present GrImporter looks human and young although he has had this job for more than 100 earth years. He has dark blond hair that is sticking out on all sides because he habitually runs his fingers through it. He has friendly blue eyes that are twinkling with laughter. He wears a light blue overall with a name tag identifying him: “GrImporter, Incoming Services of the Fairy Tale Dimension”.

He is not only responsible for the incoming people but also has to ensure the logistics for the fairy tale country changes inside the dimension. In collaboration with the ring bearer he can help to establish new fairy tale lands or close countries that are not popular any more.

The postal system

The postal system encompasses the whole dimension. This requires a huge well oiled machinery and well planned logistics. This is one of the big achievements of the FTD. Every FTD country of a certain size sends emissaries to work for the postal system.

The mail consists mostly of letters and parcels just like here. Newspapers and books for scholars are transported and traders send their merchandise all over the dimension. The bulk of the mail is transported by horse, boat, coach or by air and is delivered to the central mail station of every country. From there it is distributed further to cities and homes.

Information delivery systems

You can get more information here:  Start of a New Fairy Tale

Since in the FTD deceit and secrets are very important there is a big variety of other methods of delivering messages. Important messages are often  sent by personal messengers only. There is a special branch of the mail company that specializes in important and fast deliveries. Urgent personal notices or secret government communications are only sent via these special messengers.

Means of communication

The shadows have their own independent dimension wide network of intelligence that is used only by the spiritual leader of the FTD the ring bearer. The magicians have other means of communication. They use crystal balls for example that can communicate with other crystal balls. These work a bit like Skype does on earth.

There are also automated feathers that come in groups. What one feather writes the others of the same group immediately start copying, regardless of where they are located in the FTD.

As you can imagine these sophisticated magic objects need a lot of attention and maintenance and are therefore very rare and expensive. There are many other means of communication in the FTD: Divination, runes, I-Ging… Do you have any impressions?

The workers in the postal system

Mostly young people apply for work in the postal system because in this job you get to see a lot of the FTD and it is exciting, too. This makes it a very popular job for young adventurers.

Having worked for the mail company is a good reference in your resume and opens up important job opportunities. A lot of future leaders have worked for the postal system in their past. They leave there with their own network of personal connections all over the dimension.

Training of personal messengers

The mail people are trained in magic, the martial arts and diplomacy. Personal messengers get a more thorough training than normal workers depending on their individual talents. You can compare this branch of the postal system to a highly specialized task force.


The Illness in the FTD

The Illness in the Fairy Tale Dimension

The Great Seven Magicians

There are seven Great Magicians in the fairy tale dimension. The old tree magician teaching at the magic school is the leader of this group. (See The Magic School).

You met the three magicians who delivered the power of the ring to me the ring bearer: The snake, the badger and the butterfly. They also belong to the Great Seven.

The job of the Great Seven is monitoring the magic evolution of the fairy tale dimension. They collect new spells, or work on new areas of magic that were not yet included in the blueprint of the FTD. They test them and put together a list of recommended changes. The only being that can change the blueprint and incorporate these new areas of magic is the ring bearer. The ring bearer has to master the third living rune on his ring that represents the blueprint of the FTD to change the blueprint.


The Frequency change in the fairy tale dimension

The Illness of The Fairy Tale Dimension and Me

The last frequency change that has to be completed was from purple to yellow. Every living thing needs this change of the predominant frequency to stay healthy and well. This change of frequency is a normal evolution for this dimension.

They have never had the need to concern themselves with the frequency change before because there was always a ring bearer who was able to complete it in time. This time it was overdue.

Linking the two dimensions

In one of my first objective interactions with the fairy tale dimension I was asked by the collective of the FTD to build a closer connection to our dimension. I understood their wish to have more contact but I advised against getting too closely attached. We are already close and become more and more aware of each other. My feeling was that it would be better not to build a solid bridge between the two dimensions. This is why I constructed a loose chain that now links the two dimensions. This chain ensures that not every single movement of one dimension is carried directly to the other. It allows each dimension some room to manoeuver on its own. This has been a good decision because both dimensions are rocking their boats quite fiercely at the moment.

The inhabitants of the fairy tale dimension have an intuitive knowing of our dimension. There are a lot of scholars who are studying our dimension. They visit us regularly for what we would term anthropological studies. Perhaps you have even met one of them without realizing it.

Behind the Scenes Views

The number of fairy tale countries I share behind the scenes views of grows as my blog expands. Here is a list of the fairy tale countries we have visited so far:




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