The Santa Claus Country

I am fascinated by Santa Claus. Many of my Christmas decorations are red clad men. They come in all shapes and sizes, as candles, made of wood, as cookie cutters or as ornaments for the Christmas tree. You can see part of my collection in this article. Why do I love Santa?

Santa Claus brings magic into our world. He is said to

  • Have magic abilities
  • Know the secrets of billions of people
  • Fly with a sled
  • Talk to animals
  • Work with elves

We lied about Santa Claus

I confess: We lied to our children about Santa Claus bringing Christmas presents. We also told them that Nikolaus is filling their shoes on the 6th of December. In Germany we celebrate Nikolaus day then.

When I told my kids that we parents were responsible for the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve, I asked them if they would do the same with their kids. My daughter answered yes, she would. She did not mind at all. She very much enjoyed the picture of Santa sneaking into our house with presents. We did not traumatize our kids with these tales after all.

What Santa looks like

Santa Claus is depicted as a portly, jolly, white-bearded man, often with glasses, wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, white-fur-cuffed red trousers, red hat with white fur, and black leather belt and boots.

Even though his hair is white he is not elderly or frail but able to hoist tons of presents through the chimney and make the arduous journey round the world in a day.

Santa traditions are quite new

The modern character of Santa Claus, is based on traditions surrounding the historical Saint Nicholas (a fourth-century Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra), the British figure of Father Christmas and the Dutch Sinterklaas.

Santa is a character originating in Western Christian culture who brings gifts to the homes of children on the night of Christmas Eve (24 December) or during the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December). Santa Claus is said to accomplish this with the aid of elves, who make the toys in his workshop at the North Pole. His flying reindeer are pulling a sleigh. The Santa figure only became famous about a hundred years ago.

Gifts stand for connection

Gifts are something that was added in Christian tradition. Presents symbolize thankfulness for the birth of Christ. They also resemble the gifts of the three kings from the Christmas story in the bible. Even though the story of Christ´s birth is not so important for many people any more we still associate with gifts connection.

Winter wonder land

Christmas season in the Northern Hemisphere is in winter. On a perfect Christmas day there is snow. My husband and me were in Australia once on Christmas. It was strange for us to celebrate Christmas in 30 degrees Celsius heat.

Santa does not exist in this dimension

Sadly Santa is not living somewhere on our earth. He does not even live in this dimension. This does not mean that we cannot connect with him. On the contrary: Today I invite you to visit with me

The Santa Country in the Fairy Tale Dimension

This country has a very strong tie to our dimension. We are as fascinated with it and its inhabitants as they are with us. This is the reason why there are so many spill overs: Energy that shuttles back and forth between our two dimensions. A lot of humans tap into the energy of the Santa country in the Fairy Tale Dimension. This is why there are millions of stories and pictures about Santa.

The Santa country is located in a mountainous region that could be somewhere in the Northern hemisphere of our planet. There are high mountains with jagged rocks, canyons and valleys. Beautiful waterfalls and many picturesque villages. There is always snow. In summertime lots of snow for playing is left in the mountains.

There are plenty of Santas

The Fairy Tale Dimension is about play and fun. This country is full of red and white clad Santas. Male or female is not important distinctions here. Both sexes are Santas. The country is in its own way an ideal LBQT headquarter.

To get into the country you have to get a full makeover

You cannot simply enter this country like you can others.

You need a makeover because there are strict requirements for girth, weight and hight – and of course for facial hair for the inhabitants. You can choose any skin colour save for the ones that clash with red. This is why you won´t find any pink, purple or orange Santas.

Upon entering you are issued a stack of red and white uniforms, belts, boots and burlap sacks. You won´t ever see a dirty or ripped Santa costume. People just leave their dirty uniforms at central places for the elves to magically wash and return them.

Yes: Appearance is everything.

You can have a lot of fun in Santa Claus country

You can take part in beauty pageants

There are sack-competitions:

  • Who throws his sack furthest
  • Who runs fastest with hundred kilograms on his back
  • Who climbs highest

Sledding contests

with and without animals towing them are very popular. The Santas are crazy about their sleds. They use reindeer, cows, and all kinds of magic creatures to tow them. The fastest sleds are the ones that have dragons towing them. Dragons are individualistic creatures who don´t work well in groups. More often then not Santas are eaten by their tow-companions.

If you don´t want to play rough games with a bunch of Santas I have another tip for you. Art is a very important and much appreciated in the Santa Claus country:

  • People love to play and listen to live music
  • Storytelling is as important as writing stories
  • Paintings and sculptures are loved

Sleds are an art form in itself

As Santa you want a sled that is beautiful and fast. You choose nicely coloured wood and ask master craftsmen to manufacture it for you.

There is nothing holy about the Santas in the Fairy Tale Dimension. They are very active and vibrant. They exude positive emotions and love challenges. I love these people! That is why I have such a big collection of  Santas.

What about you? Are you into Santa? What do you think about the Fairy country of Santa Claus?

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Pictures: private (one pixabay)

©Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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