The Healing Circle


Shabby and Flitz (IV)

What happened so far:

In the last episode Shabby and Flitz, the dragon, were on their first assignment. They delivered an important letter to Portus, the owl, who was one of the Great Seven Magicians in the fairy tale dimension (FTD). They spent the night in the castle of Portus´ brother and planned to return to headquarters the next morning. When they woke up they heard that the ring bearer had arrived. They knew that she was due to help Portus alleviate the symptoms of the illness in this fairy tale country. After breakfast they went outside to see if they could catch a glimpse of her. The Illness in the Fairy Tale Dimension


Meeting an extra dimensional man

When the two friends arrived in the courtyard they saw a big group of people had already assembled there. In the middle they could make out a woman in a white robe with dark hair wearing a cape and holding a staff. Portus was talking to her animatedly. Around her some foreign people were standing looking around curiously. More and more inhabitants of the castle came to look at this group.

Our two friends joined the bystanders. A man with long white hair detached himself from the group. He wore brown soft leather pants and a green shirt. He walked over to them introducing himself: ”Hallo, I am called Stöffel, you must be Shabby and Flitz. How very nice to meet you!” Shabby raised his eyebrows and said: “Hi Stöffel, yes my name is Shabby and this is Flitz. Why do you know our names? And where do you come from?”

Stöffel beamed: “This is so cool! I can´t believe that you are here! Inge writes a blog about the fairy tale dimension and introduced you there in a new fairy tale Start of a New Fairy Tale . I am from the human dimension. I belong to the group that helps Inge with the illness in the FTD.” When they looked at him confused, he added: ”In the human dimension we love stories about your dimension. And now there is a fairy tale story featuring you!” He paused and smiled: “This means that now I am part of this fairy tale, too!”

“OK”, Flitz put in, “you say that you are from another dimension. Is this why you feel different to me? You certainly don´t look it.” “Yes”, Stöffel answered, “you can feel that we don´t belong here. We disturb the energy of this dimension when we visit. This is why we can´t stay for an extended time period.”

“I know about your dimension. Everybody here enjoys stories about the human dimension. I like the ones featuring your technological achievements most, ” Flitz put in. “But how did you travel here? Did you fly?”

“It is hard to describe how we travelled here”, Stöffel said. We kind of created a second body to come to the FTD. All of us met at the ring bearer´s home in the FTD. From there we travelled here as a group. The journey was fast. It felt like being in fast forward mode.” “And what exactly are you doing here?” Shabby wanted to know.

Stöffel took a deep breath and answered:” First: All of us are interested very much in the fairy tale dimension. Inge asked us for help because the situation in the FTD with the illness spreading is not easy to cope with. All of us have been studying energy manipulation and every single one of us seems to have unique energies to contribute to the healing efforts. I don´t understand how this fully works myself yet. I only know that with your magicians helping we are able to reduce the side effects of the overdue energy change from purple to yellow.” The Illness of The Fairy Tale Dimension and Me

Our two friends looked at each other. Stöffel was an extra dimensional being visiting. He knew them quite well, it seemed, from stories written by the ring bearer they had not even met personally so far. This was a bit much to take in.

Meeting the ring bearer

Stöffel gave them some time to process the information. When they seemed to have gotten a hold of themselves again he asked: “Do you want me to introduce you to the ring bearer?” The two friends could only nod. Stöffel lead them through the thickening throng towards the centre of the group.

When they got stuck in the crowd he called: “Inge, guess who I have met!” Everybody turned around and looked at them. Shabby´s face turned pink and Flitz had trouble containing his fire because of all this sudden attention. He was a fire dragon after all, albeit a little one, and his natural reaction to feeling apprehensive was to get ready to spit fire. He extinguished the fire in his belly quickly and they approached the ring bearer.

Inge looked very tall from far away but close up she was only a little above average height. As they slowly approached she looked at them with her warm brown eyes smiling. They couldn´t believe that they were about to meet one of the most important people in their world.

Inge gave her staff to one of her friends and closed the gap between them with a few steps. She put each of our two friends a hand on the shoulder connecting the three of them. They could feel a warm wave travelling through her hands. Immediately their excitement subsided and they felt more at ease. They felt understood, accepted and loved. Both of them had tears in their eyes and when they looked at Inge, they saw that she was also very moved. Everybody around them could feel this.

After a long while Inge lifted her hands and said: “Wonderful to meet you Shabby and Flitz. Stöffel has filled you in a little on what is happening here today?” She looked at Stöffel who nodded. “Great. I would like you to take part in today´s healing circle. Please tell everybody at headquarters and whomever you meet about this. It will help to spread the word about what we are doing to help your dimension.”

The Healing Circle

Then she raised her voice and it carried easily through the courtyard: “We will start now. I want everybody from my group to form a circle together with Portus, Shabby and Flitz.” Then she scanned the crowd and picked out ten more people seemingly at random. “You, please join the circle, too. The others, take a step back and give us room. You are welcome to help if you want to. Please close your eyes and send supporting energy. This will give us a good basis to work on.”

Then she addressed Shabby, Flitz and the newcomers: “Try to relax. You just need to be yourself. Concentrate on the ground you are standing on. Feel your feet connecting to the earth. Do what seems natural.”

Her group seemed to know what was going to happen. A circle was formed and everybody took each other by the hands, wings or paws and closed their eyes. Inge stood in the middle of the circle with her staff in one hand and commanded: “Now breathe deeply and evenly! “ She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Everybody followed her lead and it got very quiet. You could only hear the rustle of the wind in the trees, the singing of birds and the humming of insects.

Then Inge started to sing. It did not sound like any song Shabby and Flitz had ever heard. There were no words, just sound and a melody. Soon Portus joined and then everybody who felt comfortable started to sing. A wonderfully rich harmony was created by this choir that reverberated through the courtyard and out of the castle in a growing circle. The song reached way up in the sky and deep down into the earth.

A golden cloud formed itself over the singers and touched every building, plant and being. After some time the cloud dissipated and the singing stopped. Everybody stood still and savoured the lingering energy from the singing. This experience, whatever it was, had felt so good. Then there was a collective intake of breath as everybody left the trance like state they had been in. Slowly the circle broke up and people started talking quietly among themselves.

Inge exclaimed: “Wow, thank you everybody! You are naturals! This worked much better than I had anticipated. With our voices and supported by magic we have created the missing frequency and infused it into the country. We will repeat this three more times over the next days.” Turning to Shabby and Flitz she said:” You are welcome to stay here for this time period. I will write you a letter to take back with you so you won´t get in trouble with your superiors for being late.”



Spending time with the ring bearer

The two were delighted. They had time off duty and the chance to get to know the ring bearer and her friends! And the food was great here. Life could not be better!

The next two days passed in a blur of animated talks, joint meals and the intake of lots of  information. Our friends met every one of the human visitors. Flitz even allowed some of them to fly on his back.

The other three healing circles that took place during the next days were performed like the first one. Each time ten bystanders were added to the group. Flitz asked the ring bearer why she included different people every time. Inge explained that it was a matter of balance and energy: “Everybody has a different energy to contribute. I match these energies to create a balanced group. It is also very important for the people who live here to take part. They are much closer to this country than we are. This connection helps to direct the healing energy where it can be most effective.“

Riding home

After the last healing circle, the ring bearer and her group bade farewell to everybody. Then they disappeared from the courtyard. Shabby and Flitz also packed their stuff. They thanked Portus and the kitchen staff for their hospitality. Then Flitz squeezed himself into his harness with some difficulty, looked down on his protruding belly and grinned: “I fear I have eaten a little too well, Shabby.” “ Yes”, Shabby answered, “the food was great. I am looking forward to telling everybody of our adventure here.”

Then they were on their way. The journey passed peacefully and uneventfully. Back at headquarters they handed over the letter with the big seal of the ring bearer. Their superiors were duly impressed. Before starting off on a new assignment the two gave some talks at the academy to fill in their fellow post agents on what the ring bearer was doing.

When people asked Shabby and Flitz how being part of this healing circle had felt, they described it as feeling like being one with everybody and everything.

Where you  there also?

Dear reader, I ask you to monitor your feelings when you read this. When you feel moved or the setting of the healing circle felt somehow familiar you have probably witnessed this event. There was quite a crowd. Please share any impressions you might have.


Addendum: The frequency change in the fairy tale dimension was implemented on February 3rd 2018.

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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