The Nature of Trauma

My husband wrote an important book: The nature of trauma.

I was with him from the idea to the final product. Information I found useful I sent his way and was always there to bat around ideas and discuss problems.

Writing a book is no easy feat. Writing it in a foreign language is even more of a challenge. Without the support of our native speaking friends this would not have been possible.

About Scotty Brampton

My husband is a physician. He financed his studies by working as a computer programmer. In the last decade he turned into an expert energy healer. He has a gift in helping people on a subjective level to work through their trauma and supporting them on their individual journey.

We now often work together. He is doing the intricate energy work in the subjective and I accompany the client with my energy work and coaching on a more objective level.

How trauma found us

In 2020 more and more of our clients battled with trauma. That got us interested and the subject got more and more attention in the sessions with Elias.

Elias is a channelled entity by Mary Ennis. If you want to know more about channelling: I wrote an article about it.

These conversations were eye opening for us. Elias had to offer many insights that left us flabbergasted.

  • We did not realize how pervasive the effects of trauma are in every aspect of our lives.
  • We weren´t aware that a lot of the trauma we see today is passed on through the generations.

Healing trauma

To heal trauma you have to fabricate a new grove in your brain where the emotions and the event are brought back together. Only then the trauma energy is released.

Your body has stored your trauma in two different parts of the brain to protect you from it. This is why many people have no recollection about their trauma or don´t feel anything when remembering bad past experiences.

To heal your trauma a trauma specialist needs to help you. Only very few people are able to heal themselves on their own. You can read more about that in the book.

Overcoming the influences of trauma

When you have created the new grove in your brain, moved the trauma and thus eliminated the trauma energy you can start to address the effects of your trauma.

Even if you don´t remember traumatic events they still affect your life in more ways than I thought possible. Scotty calls this phenomenon entanglements and attachments to your identity. They make it difficult to change ingrained behaviours because we recreate the trauma energy in an endless cycle. You will find many examples in the book about how trauma can affect your everyday life (5th chapter).

When the trauma energy is neutralized you are able to consciously make different decisions. My clients experience that as a much cherished new found freedom. They have more room to work in and more choices.

But this is not easy to accomplish. You have to actively work through and discover the ways your trauma has affected your life and make different choices consciously. This can be hard because you

  • are used to these behaviours and feelings
  • experience them as part of your identity
  • discover the many ways the trauma stands in the way of your development

Identifying the ways you have developed to cope with your trauma is not easy: For example your mistrust of the people that surround you. You have developed that because you could never feel safe because of your trauma history.

The behaviours you become aware of are not good or bad. They served you at one point but are not needed anymore.

The second step of trauma work

Many victims of trauma move in some respect also in the role of a perpetrator. After working through your own trauma you need to look at this second step.

We often become perpetrators because of the energy that we express through our trauma. That does not mean that you abused your child because you were abused yourself. A lot of my clients turn this energy on themselves instead:


  • experience being the victim
  • are hard on themselves and others
  • judge themselves and everyone else constantly

You recognise these feelings and behaviours? Welcome to the club. Most of us have experienced trauma one way or the other and we created a society that makes us think these behaviours are normal. They are not.

The trauma book is ideal for you when

  • you are interested in trauma and want some basic information plus practical examples.
  • you suspect that you have experienced trauma yourself. After you read it you will have a better understanding.
  • your loved ones battle with trauma this book helps you to understand what they are going through.

Trauma gets more attention

Because we were not aware of the impact of trauma as a society it did not get addressed. Now more and more people realize that trauma is one of the main reasons that keep us from overcoming our obstacles.

A lot of the structures in our world today that we experience as not fitting are there because we created them as a traumatised society.

We have the chance to stop the trauma cycle by working through our own trauma. It is not easy but very rewarding. I experienced it myself. Having worked through my trauma I feel that I

  • am much more accepting of myself and my fellow beings
  • have more freedom in my choices

By working through our trauma we stop regenerating the trauma energy and create the base for a better world.


Get to know Scotty and his book: Website Scotty Brampton

Pictures: Private and Pixabay

©Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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