Channeling and the Shift in Consciousness

A lot of the information I use for my personal development I have learned through channelled material. For me this is an important source of information besides the hundreds of books I read on all kinds of topics.

What is channeling?

There is a lot of information about channeling on the Internet: hundreds of books and lots of channelled material. Channeling seems to be mainstream, at least in the esoteric corner of the world.

Channeling is communication between humans and non-physical entities. It connects a living person, a medium, with a being in consciousness that does not have a physical body. They establish a communication channel through which information is exchanged.

Some background information

We are so much more than the person we see in the mirror each morning.

We have a body that is linked to this earth and we have a soul that is linked to this body. Our soul goes back to where we come from when our body dies taking with it all we have experienced and learned. Nothing is lost.

The soul is part of our higher self. Our higher self is part of consciousness, connected to everything that is. I call this higher self “essence”.

Some things we can only experience when we have a body. Emotions for example –   emotions are signals of the body. Or touch. That is why we choose to live lives in bodies and furnish them with a soul that is part of our essence.

Because we want to experience and learn a lot we choose to have many different lives, in all kinds of environments. We also agree to forget that we come from essence and are part of consciousness. We accept these veils of separation as part of the deal.

This way we live our life with full intensity not being sidetracked.

I learned about this in channelled material. I found it in other sources, too. You don´t have to believe me. I just want you to keep an open mind for info that might help you.

What happens when the veils of separation dissolve?

Alzheimer patients experience an uncontrollable thinning of the veils. I will never forget an old lady telling me that she stopped commenting on all the strange stuff only she sees every day. Here awareness is not safely anchored in this reality any more. That makes it difficult for her to function in it.

The shift in consciousness

One explanation for the rising number of channels is the shift in consciousness.

Every being in this dimension has, on a subjective level, agreed to evolve to another level. We seem to be bored and yearn for something new. So we decided to shift gears. This means that the veils of separation are thinning slowly. We become more aware of all we are and where we come from. This shift has been prepared for over 100 years and gained momentum 20 years ago. It will last until approximately 2075. Nobody knows what the world will look like then.

We change our basic orientation

  • From intellect to intuition
  • From concentration on the outside to the inside
  • From the mass to the individual

Some view this as a change to the female. Why? Because we think of these attributes as female. Our history has been dominated until now by male energy.

What are indicators of the shift?

Changes due to the shift are becoming more apparent. Things that are happening currently motivate us to broaden our world-view:

  • International connection via the Internet
  • Climate change
  • Corona Virus

What we are learning:

  • How connected we all are
  • We question the status quo
  • We realise that we are creating our reality

Consciousness wants to be helpful

The shift in consciousness is the reason for more essences to come forward and offer information to support us. We are going in a new direction and we have no experience with that at all. In my opinion we can use all the help we can get.

Our job in this shift is: Getting to know ourselves. Only then we can distinguish between what we create and all that we become aware of from behind the veils. We need to stay rooted firmly in our reality and not lose touch like the Alzheimer patient in the example above.

I have been working on getting more aware for more than twenty years. And I still have a long way to go. It is a journey to self that is not always easy but very rewarding because I create more freedom:

  • Freedom to be me and to express myself
  • Freedom of choice because I am aware of my goals and values
  • I understand better why I am doing what I am doing
  • I know that I am not the victim but the creator of my life

Is channeling a viable source of information?

Since all channelled information goes through the belief systems of the medium we have to take it with more than a grain of salt.

That is why when engaging channelled information it is very important to have our internal bullshit-o-meter on high alert: much like when listening to Trump or Fox News. Everything that we hear needs to be checked against our intuition and gut feeling.

My experience with channels

20 years ago my husband engaged a local channel to see what channeling was all about. He came back disillusioned. This woman did not say anything concrete, wobbled with her body and was expensive. Never again, he said.


At the time we were reading the Seth books. Seth was a well known channelled entity (by Jane Roberts) in the 20th century. He dictated many books on the nature of personality spreading the idea that we create our own reality.

I have problems to digest the Seth information. I can read it and understand it on the surface but it does not stick.


This changed when we discovered Elias about fifteen years ago. Mary Ennis has been channeling Elias for twenty-five years. You can read about him on the Elias website where sessions are shared free of charge. Elias was incarnated as Oscar Wilde for example.

Oscare Wilde by Wikimedia

Elias offers information to reduce the trauma of the shift. I mostly get what he says, but I still don´t believe everything I hear. I have been incorporating many of his tips in my daily life and I write about them in my blogs.

How to use channelled information

My advice is to take the information that you feel comfortable with, play with it and test it.

In the table I have put together some of the popular channels for you to check out.

ChannelChannelerWebsiteCurrently active
EliasMary EnnisElias WebsiteYes
SethJane RobertsCheck the booksNo
Abraham HicksEsther HicksAbraham Hicks You tubeYes
BasharDarryl AnkaBasharYes
Archangel MichaelChannelled by many people Example Natalie Glasson
KryonLee CarolKryonYes  
Channelled messages 2021Examples of a google searchChanelled messages 

I have spoken to four different channels. They all have a different agenda. Some are more accurate than others, meaning the information is more distorted by the medium´s beliefs than others. What I do is I pick out the info that resonates with me.

I want you to keep an open mind when searching for information that helps you to become more aware. For me talking to people, reading books on personal development and channeling seems to be the right mix.

Pictures: Pixabay, private, Wikimdia

©Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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