Responsibility comes up constantly in my daily life. What am I responsible for and do I really want that are questions I have been looking into for some time.

What is responsibility?

„If you have responsibility for something or someone, or if they are your responsibility, it is your job or duty to deal with them and to take decisions relating to them.“ (From Collins dictionary)

For me responsibility is one answer to the gift of life.

As the oldest of four children I have learned to act responsibly early. This is perhaps the reason why I have a tendency to feel responsible easily. I am often the first one to volunteer thus adding more responsibility.

I like to take responsibility

It is natural for me to also have the greater good in mind. This has probably why I am working as a healer.

I have collected many interesting experiences volunteering. I was

  • Caring for disabled youth
  • Working in an international student exchange program
  • Helping in my children´s schools
  • Organizing a polling station
  • 5 years as a lay judge
  • Mentee for refugees

Responsibility for our children

I used to believe that we as parents have the lone responsibility for our children. Now I know that even a baby makes choices and has some responsibility for itsself.

I am aware that I am quick to interfere when my children do something differently than I see fit. My husband is cooler in that respect, which is good for our children. I always fight with myself to accept and support the decisions of my children best as I can. At the same time I want to live my values of caring and parenting. This is a constant struggle that I probably share with many parents.

Example: How many rules does a family need? 

This depends on the children. Our girls honoured the few rules we set. I learned how different that can be when we had a French exchange student living with us for three months. She needed stricter rules for Internet use, coming home etc.

Parenting changes drastically with puberty. Form then on we can only offer our help and set an example.

My son was less than ten years old when he started rooting for more autonomy. He needs different very parenting than the girls. I can only try and experiment. This is quite a challenge for me.

Thankfully my intuition tells me that my children will succeed on their paths. They will probably do this much differently than I imagine. I am still working on really getting to that.

Responsibility in my practise

I have the privilege to accompany people in difficult situations. I help them to find their unique paths. They are unique individuals who each live very different lives.

I don´t take over their responsibility during our work. My clients always stay responsible for themselves. I am a reliable supporter as long as they need it. This is why they can contact me between our sessions. I see that I am doing that well because my clients don´t become dependent on me.

Responsibility for yourself

I had to learn that I am only able to support others efficiently when I take care of myself, too.


I regularly take on pro bono work. At the moment I support a friend who is battling with cancer. I look carefully how I can do this without overwhelming myself. We are both experimenting with what works best for both of us and are still figuring this out as we go along.

Why is it important to take responsibility for myself?

I have learned that

  • I have to look after myself before I can be really there for others
  • I harm myself when I don´t do that
  • Life is much easier when I feel well

The inside is as important as the outside

I realised that I had to take care of me when I had a depression in my mid-thirties. It forced me to finally give attention to my inner self.

In my daily life I try now to be more aware of:

  • My inner balance
  • What I am doing and why
  • My personal development

This way I get to know and accept myself better. I am aware of my life goals and values and honour them. This makes me more content and balanced.

Of course I am still much better in theory than in practise: Life is all about applying and trying.

We all need the courage to look where it hurts. In these Corona times there are a lot of opportunities to practise that.

Trauma and Corona

A lot of people are becoming aware of their traumas at the moment. The Corona pandemic and the changing of many structures are causing that. These traumas want our attention because they block our personal development.

Traumas keep us in place like rubber bands: We move a little and wham! we are right back where we started.

Indicators of trauma

  • The feeling of getting nowhere
  • Again this situation!
  • Constant discontentment  
  • Feeling helpless

Why do I know that? I not only work with my clients on their traumas. I addressed some traumas of my own and got help moving through then during the last year.

Responsibility for humanity

Besides the responsibilities for us and our children we are also responsible for the greater good. Without that our society could not function.

Example: Refugees in Germany

When over a million refugees flooded into Germany in 2015 we Germans surpassed ourselves. Without the millions of volunteers who took responsibility fast our social system would have collapsed.

For three years I have volunteered in a refugee camp near my home. I still am a Mentor of a single mother.

I was surprised by the engagement and creativity of my fellow Germans. I understood: When a lot of us take and share responsibility we can change the world easily.

Responsibility for our planet

We might not be welcome on this planet much longer. The earth is struggling for a new equilibrium. It is our responsibility to change our ways. She ideally will find a new balance where humankind still has a place.

Initiating change is not easy or comfortable. Change only seems to start when we are uncomfortable enough.

Putting us first is egotistic?

A lot of people think that putting yourself first is egotistic and therefore bad. In my opinion this egotism is necessary for us to become a happy and productive part of society. We are not able to use our whole potential otherwise.

Living with uncertainty

We don´t have any experience with climate change and pandemics. We don´t know what the future will bring and what we should do.

We have the responsibility to acknowledge that feeling helpless is okay.

We have to experiment a lot. This means failing again and again. How else should we find what works? The important thing is not to give up.

I experience again and again how resilient we humans are; as individuals and as species. This is why I am still optimistic. We have all we need to meet the challenges ahead.

When you support need on your path please contact me for a free consultation.

Pictures: Pixabay und private

© Inge Schumacher

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Expectations Cause Disappointments

“I don´t have any expectations”. I often hear that: From clients, my children and myself. This is so wrong: We always have expectations but often we are not aware of them.

Expectations are everywhere

When I analyse a situation that went wrong, I often discover expectations that were not fulfilled.

What are expectations?

We all have an idea how things should work. We create problems when other people don´t behave according to these ideas. This makes us frustrated and disappointed. And this is often the basis for conflicts.

When we become more aware of where expectations are hiding we can do a lot for our inner and outer peace.

Where can expectations hide?

We have expectations in every aspect of our lives. We can find an equal amount of expectations for us. In:

  • Private Life
    • Family
    • Friends
  • Job
    • Colleagues
    • Bosses
  • Public
    • Public transport
    • Sports

Identifying and letting go of expectations can be difficult

  • We have learned to react automatically to the often unspoken expectations of our parents.
  • This way we are trained to expect that our expectations will be met.
  • We don´t learn anything by the many disappointments we experience and simply put the blame for our frustration elsewhere.

Signal words for uncovering expectations

When you hear these words with an exclamation mark (!) or use them yourself you can be pretty sure that there are expectations involved.

  • Should (You should have…!)
  • Have to (You have to understand, that…!)
  • But (But, everybody has to…!)
  • Anyway (Anyway, we still have to…!)

1. Example of uncovering expectations: Garbage Separation

Waste separation is a big issue in Germany. We separate our garbage in 4 different containers:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Organic
  • Rest

I have the expectation that my family separates our garbage diligently. I have given them an example for decades. Sadly my expectations are often disappointed:

  • When the best of all husbands is not in the mood he puts the wrappings that belong in the container for plastic in the rest garbage.
  • My children sometimes randomly put the garbage anywhere and pretend not knowing where it belongs.

This makes me crazy!

I have tried to explain and to scold. This did not help at all. The result was that everybody was annoyed.  I sat down with my husband to analyse the problem. We found out:

  • I would like to have the garbage separated properly.
  • My family does not like to feel bossed around.

Now I resort the garbage afterwards when I need it. I have to get used to 95% being enough. There is more peace in our home now concerning garbage separation. This feels better for everybody.

2. Example: Reliability

When I promise something, I try to follow through on that promise. When I run into difficulties I give an early warning. Being reliable is important to me. Interestingly I automatically assume that everybody has the same attitude towards reliability. Of course that is not the case:

Members of my family often make promises they don´t keep. This is hurting me because I feel I am not important enough for them to keep their promises. I question my own self-worth when this happens.

It took some time for me to figure out that my family does not make that connection. I am important for them whether they keep their promises or not.

To avoid disappointments I did almost everything at home alone for a timeframe. I did not want to keep doing that. Now I am working on becoming more conscious of my expectations and on letting them go.

Living your own values

These examples show that I implicitly expect my family to live my values. Even though I am aware that everybody has different values and is entitled to them, I am still disappointed when they don´t live mine.

Strategies to work with your expectations:

1. Getting aware of expectations

It is still hard for me to identify all open and hidden expectations in a situation. The only way to get better at that is to keep at it and work on being more aware in daily life.

2. Communication

Example: Creating choices

I want to reduce the plastic waste my family produces. I include everybody in this endeavour: I tell my family that we are starting an experiment. There is no pressure to take part. The family members react positively.

We have tried and switched from liquids to bars of shampoo, conditioner and soap. Only one family member is not with us yet. But that is okay. I did not have any expectations and I am positively surprised.

3. Staying calm

I try to make my requests calmly. I use expressions like ”It is important to me…”. That way even when they don´t agree with me my family is much more willing to support me. It is the same the other way round, also.

What happens when we bitch and moan?

We show that the others are not right and not enough. They are deficient. Who reacts positively to being belittled? Why do we even expect to be heard? 

I still catch myself trying to get my expectations fulfilled by bitching and moaning; without success, of course.

Expectations people have of me

When I realise that somebody expects something of me that is unclear or I am not inclined to follow I ask for clarification. Getting it out in the open is an important step.

1. Children

I ask my children: What exactly do you want from me? Sometimes they don´t know themselves. They only have the vague feeling that Mom should make everything better.

2. Expectations of partners

My husband reacts badly to pressure and expectations: He ignored our 20th anniversary, which hurt me a lot. When I was able to talk calmly about it, he explained that he hates these musts. I get that. Sadly he did not communicate that before.

Since then I have celebrated our anniversaries alone. I spend this day reminiscing about the many years we have spent together. This is important to me and I can do that alone easily. I only had to get rid of the belief that you can only celebrate anniversaries as a couple.  

3. Expectations of myself

I still have problems with too high expectations of myself. How do I know that? There are too many times I am not content with myself. I still have to do some more work on self-acceptance.

What I have learned about disappointed expectations

  • People rarely want to hurt me.
  • They may have other priorities or values.
  • We are not on this earth to fulfil the expectations of others.
  • We are here to get to know ourselves so we can create our reality LINK in an efficient way.

Why I love experiments

With experiments I trick myself. Why? Experiments don´t have a clear outcome. That means I have less expectations to begin with and much more fun.

Having less expectations causes more surprises

The more I manage to let go of expectations the more I am positively surprised.

How does that work?

I set a goal and start small actions. Often other people get involved at some point. I try to reduce my expectations of them as much as I am able to.

This way they can contribute more in their own natural way and help me to achieve my goal more efficiently. Sometimes the end product looks very different form what I have envisioned. But this works very well for me. It is fun, I am more in my flow and create more ease.

My calendar is full of video-sessions of my son and his homework. A year ago that would have been unthinkable. The Corona-Lockdown is a good example that expectations only make life complicated.

What are your experiences with expectations?

Pictures: Pixabay and private

©Inge Schumacher

The Zombie-Virus Fairy Tale

I had a very frightening dream a year ago. It was so vivid and that I still recall it easily. What gives me the creeps is that the dream is more science fact than science fiction.

To understand the story better I give you some background information about my husband and me.

We are a family with special talents

My husband and I both work with energy. He is fond of exploring unusual avenues. He experiments with something he calls Magitec for example. That is a new kind of magic energy that fits to our dimension.

I use energy work to heal and support people on their individual paths.

When we met I studied business and he was training to become a physician. We never thought that we would work closely together one day. This is what exploring life as a couple for over 30 years can do to you when you are lucky.

We talk to channelled entities

For over ten years we have been conversing with Elias, Ayla and Tompkin. They are channelled entities. Channels are popular at the moment because we need all the insights we can get to handle the changes we are facing.

The Shift in Consciousness  

Over hundred years ago this dimension decided to set into motion a Shift in Consciousness. This Shift has started in 2000 and will be completed by 2075. The aim of this shift is to remove the veils that separate us from the pure consciousness we are.

We are here because we need bodies to make experiences we cannot make as energy beings. The moment we arrive here as infants we forget where we are coming from.

Becoming more aware is the goal of the Shift

To get rid of the veils we have to be conscious of what we are and what we do. We have to really get to know ourselves.

Are you aware of the Shift that is happening?

  • Do you have the feeling that a lot is changing?
  • Do you see the growing uncertainties?
  • Things seem to be happening much more sudden nowadays. Plans become obsolete fast.
  • Do you see old institutions – like the US presidency – fail?
  • Climate Change can be seen everywhere

Permafrost is thawing

Arctic permafrost has been thawing due to climate change for the past decades. Scientists are aware that unknown bacteria and viruses are lurking there. Our bodies do not have any immune response to them because they are new to us. Many unexplainable gastrointestinal and lung sicknesses could be caused by these yet undiscovered microorganisms.

The Zombie-Virus Fairy Tale

My dream started with Elias giving alarm in November 2019: A catastrophe in the permafrost region of our planet was imminent. A virus that has been frozen since the age of the dinosaurs (244 until 66 million years ago) was threatening to go viral. It would kill billions if it could not be stopped fast.

The Zombie-Virus kills higher brain functions

In my dream I saw disturbing pictures of aggressive people killing each other. The virus was spreading fast all over the globe. I felt helpless.

The virus changes us into aggressive animals

Only the cerebellum, the brain stem, the oldest part of our brain, remains functioning when this virus infects us. Its job is to keep us alive. We can eat, sleep, have sex and move, nothing more.

  • We can only react automatically to instincts and emotions like hunger or anger
  • We cannot think any more
  • We cannot speak any longer

There are no more morals or empathy. We are reduced to a raging mass of wild animals killing one another when food is scarce. Which happens soon after the outbreak.

All higher life forms that evolved after the dinosaur age can be infected: Wild mammals, cattle and pets.

The Zombie-Virus did not kill the dinosaurs

The dinosaur predators only got a bit more violent when infected with the virus thus spreading the disease more effectively. They got immune eventually. This explains why the virus can be found everywhere in the permafrost.

The Zombie-Virus is spread by air and can survive in sweet water. This makes it very infectious. It would spread in six weeks round the planet destroying our civilisation fast. There would not be enough time to work on vaccinations.

How to save humanity?

Of course our greater consciousness could help, the one we forgot about in order to experience life here. But it has agreed not to interfere. I call this the Prime Directive.

The problem with the Prime Directive

This expression comes from the Star Trek Universe: Starfleet agreed with this non-interference directive to honour the natural development of civilisations.

Greater Consciousness had already stretched the Prime Directive to braking point when alerting us: It tried containing the virus in cold stasis.

Humans were unaware

Elias told my husband about the virus. Humans were not aware of the danger. And it would be much too late when they finally realized what was happening.

Why him? My husband was the only one who could find a solution to the virus problem because of the Magitec he was experimenting with. Would he be able to? We did not know. We were totally terrified.

A horrific Christmas

Only we knew about the Damocles Sword that hung over everybody. In my dream I saw my family sitting by the Christmas tree wondering whether this would be the last Christmas of civilisation.

It was hard for us to cope with normal life while my husband was figuring out what he could do.

Killing the Zombie-Virus was not the best option

Our first instinct was to destroy the virus. We thought about all kinds of avenues to do just that.

In discussions with Elias we learned that the energy of extinguishing life, even a dangerous virus, has detrimental consequences for all of consciousness: This destruction would hurt every being everywhere. Of course we did not want to cause that kind of pain.

Magitec did the trick

My husband needed an efficient instrument to affect the virus. His experiments with Magitec paid off.

First he refroze the permafrost and put a safety bubble around the thawing sites to give us more time.

Then he came up with the idea to inhibit the reproduction of the virus. Viruses are harmless when they are not able to reproduce. So even if a virus would find a mammal host it could do no harm.

Don´t ask me how he did it, because I can´t comprehend it. But he managed to save our civilisation just in time – without going on a killing spree.

Seeing the possibility of losing everything almost drove me crazy during the time it took to find a solution.

Civilisation would have had to start fresh

Had he not succeeded only people who were naturally immune, 40 millions, would have survived. Because of food shortages, disease and turmoil probably only 25 million humans of 8 billion would have survived the first year after the outbreak.

I got a new understanding of the value of life and interconnectedness

This experience made me understand that we humans still don´t hold life in high value. In the last decades we came a long way. But we do not treat our planet with the respect it deserves and we are suffering the consequences.

The apocalypse of the Zombie-Virus is a theme

In the last decades hundreds of movies were made about viruses that turn humans into senseless monsters. Perhaps this was my inspiration for this dream.

The Corona virus brings massive change

At the same time I dreamed this, the Corona virus started spreading. It was harmless compared to the Zombie-Virus. But it started a pandemic just like the Zombie-Virus could have.

The Corona virus caused the most changes we had in our world without any war. It forced all of us into new ways.

The Corona-Virus helps us to learn

  • Self-structuring
  • Self-directing
  • Differences

A lot of my clients suffer from anxiety and the uncertainties the pandemic brings. As bad as it is, the changes caused by the virus give us the chance to learn a lot about ourselves. Hopefully it makes us more open for the changes we have to embrace to save our planet.

I hope we will never have to cope with a real Zombie apocalypse.

I hope I will never have another Nightmare like this!

Pictures: Pixabay

© Inge Schumacher

Corona: How to Stay in Balance

The Corona virus is not interested in borders. The pandemic shows us how much we are interconnected: It affects us all and causes worldwide turmoil.

You can read this article in German here.

We are not able to cut us off from the general upheaval. Even when we stay in our home we are affected by the turbulent energies around us. They seep through the walls; unseen but not unfelt.

Electronic devices are affected by these energies, too: I have some trouble with my telephone lines for example.

Corona: Panic is everwhere

Our governments are afraid and thus react very strongly to the virus: The lockdowns cut into many of our civil rights. Even though this seems to be the only way to manage the infection I invite you to look critically at what is happening: Isolation causes fear.

When we are fearful we are easily manipulated. The currency of control is panic. When we are in panic our brains don´t function properly.

This is why it is so important to be aware of ourselves and take responsibility for our wellbeing. We don´t have to drown in our fears. We can choose to let them go. When we are not afraid we can look at the situation more rationally and find better ways to cope with it.

Less structure causes more insecurity

Our structures crumble because schools are closed and many of us are staying at home. When our familiar routines change we feel insecure. This insecurity adds to the fear.

The security we need we can only find in ourselves. Remember: You create more of what you concentrate on: We are still creating our own reality in every single moment.

Why did we create this situation?

We are changing our way of creating profoundly in this shift in consciousness. We are not only testing to let go of structures; because of this virus we also address topics like interconnectedness and differences.

Things are going to change a lot in the near future: Climate change and earth changes are still going on. We show ourselves for example how beautiful our planet can be when we stop polluting it. See this article: Venice reports dolphins and fishes.

Of course this is an uncomfortable situation. For me this virus is a dry run for challenges to come. We are preparing for more change whether we like it or not.

Collage Balance
My daughter did this collage

You can help yourself

The general distress is very real at the moment. To deny it and to push it away just makes it worse. I feel the unrest and agitation also. To cope with it I try to be as conscious in my daily life as I can be.

Have you realized that it is much easier to become agitated at the moment?

Take a closer look at the people surrounding you. My normally very calm husband expresses much more excitement than usual. I also get flustered much easier. It does not matter whether we think we have good reasons to get angry. For example:

  • The neighbours are too loud
  • Trump posts one of his crazy tweets and is lying to his people
  • The situation of the refugees in Turkey and Syria is unbearable

The reason for this agitation is that it is so much easier for us to engage extremes in this situation. The longer it continues the more we should be aware of the energy we are expressing.

Buffering other people´s feelings

I also try to evaluate where my feelings are coming from. I ask myself if the agitation I feel is coming from myself or form outside of me. My own feelings are signals that give me much needed information about myself. Other people´s feelings I can buffer. But I can buffer them only if I am aware that they are not mine. This is why being conscious and aware is so important right now.

Clients talk to me because they have a hard time coping with their fear.

Client example: The hamster wheel

One client engaged me because she could not stop worrying. She obsessed about her dog and what she would do if Germany would also have a general lockdown.

We discovered that she was not in the present but in a spiral of fear. She realized that she was projecting her anxieties onto her dog. This was only natural. Her fear needed to be expressed and found something tangible to manifest itself.

After our conversation my client was more conscious of what she was doing and how she expressed her fears. She now tries to anchor herself better in the here and now when she becomes aware of running in the hamster wheel of anxiety again.

A lot of us project our fears onto people we are close to. Many children call their parents more often now and vice versa. I do that, too. It helps me to stay calm and centred.

Creating nightmare scenarios does not help anybody. We are just putting energy into a possible negative future. Do we really want to do that?

flea-market-Schlüssel jackmac34

The key to our reality is the present

Only when we are in the present we are able to cope effectively with our challenges. We have to remember that we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves. The better we feel the more grounded we are. And the better we can cope with the unrest around us and support others.

How do I stay in balance?

Together with my family we evaluate what helps us. We set small highlights every day to keep up our spirit. We express our fears and share what we can do to feel calm.

Good food is important for the morale. This is why we prepare special dishes and comfort food.

  • We make big fruit salads
  • We bake fresh bread or waffles
  • We enjoy Tacos, pancakes and homemade pizza

It is okay to feel panicky

Because I work on being more aware I realize quite fast: Ah, this is a panic moment. Then I immediately go into the present: There is no reason for me to feel any fear. The fridge is full and my family is well. I wave the fear goodbye and let it go.

How can I come to the present fast?

Fear is only a feeling! It anticipates something that could happen in the future. When we anchor ourselves in the present it can dissipate quickly. I put together some ideas that help me to stay in the present:

1. I move my body

Exercise helps me to feel my body better. This makes it easier to distance myself from the turbulent energies around me. My chores in house and garden ground me.

2. I do things I enjoy:

  • I use my happy music playlist.
  • Distraction: I love to read a good book and thus teleport myself into another reality. I also enjoy foolish computer games.
  • I wear my happy socks knitted by my aunt (see picture below)


3. I stay in touch

with friends and family virtually: By touching bases regularly I know what they are up to and how they are.

4. Don´t forget to laugh!

A friend was very relieved when we joked on the phone. She told me that many people she encounters seem to have lost their humour nowadays. I am blessed with great friends and acquaintances: They can still laugh about themselves and the situation.

Laughing relaxes the atmosphere considerably.

It does not matter why you laugh: Whether you binge-watch comedies or make bad jokes. Have fun fooling around!

How do I treat people who are in panic?

Trying to soothe them by repeating: Everything will be okay, will not help. If you talk to people who are in panic this does not change anything: They only feel misunderstood.

You are not supposed to echo these people and fuel their panic! It is important to take them and their reality seriously. You show your support and compassion that way. Then you are on the same page and you can truly support them.

castle-Schlüssel Herz FoxDesign

Acceptance opens our hearts

You make a big difference when you interact with people by showing no judgement only acceptance. That way you make a much bigger positive impact on their reality than you might believe.

To illustrate this I use the picture of waves that ripple outwards when I throw a pebble into a pond. Everybody who is taking care of himself and shows acceptance for himself and others causes more positive ripples.

Doing something tangible can make a big difference

Ask somebody in distress: What can I do to make you feel better?


A friend´s adult daughter was almost out of her mind with panic. Her mother stayed calm and asked her what would help her. The daughter wanted to go shopping. So this is what they did.

Don´t let the Corona crisis take away your balance

You don´t have to react to the fear and panic surrounding you. You have a choice. When you are not comfortable look closely where your feelings come from and let them go.

Come back to the present when you have lost your balance. Then you are able to take care of yourself and your family much more effectively.

Most of us will catch the virus sooner or later. When you get sick it is even more important to stay balanced. The less fear you feel the less symptoms you will create. When you are calm you enable your body to heal yourself much better.

I am there to support you during this challenging time. I do sessions via Skype or Facetime. Feel free to contact me for a half  hour of free consultation.

Stay calm and balanced!

Pictures: Private und Pixabay

© Inge Schumacher



My Dream: Magic is Real

In the Fairy Tale Dimension magic is an integral part of life. It simply belongs there.

Normal people in the Fairy Tale Dimension use magic to help with everyday chores like housecleaning and cooking. Most of them use it to play and have no interest in becoming experts. Experts in using magic are magicians and sorcerers who are taught in magic schools.

I am a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. In this article I dream about what a fictional world where Magic is real looks like. I ask myself what would happen if magic would be introduced into our dimension. What would change?

Accompany me on my visit of an imagined future.

What would happen if one individual stumbling around in consciousness would bring magical energy back to this dimension? Since it would be new there would be nobody who knew how it works and we would all have to find out by trial and error. Something humans have always been very good at:

There are always explorers who are happy to take risks and chart unknown territory. Not me. I am happy to follow these explorers.

The Magic I call Magitec

The energy I dream about connects with our technology and science and gives it a new basis. This is why I call this new energy Magitec: It is a combination of Magic and technology.

What could Magitec be like?

This energy could be sentient in some way, similar to plants and animals. It would not be a thing. It could fit in our quantum field and could be connected to everything. That would make it much more complicated to explore than a new machine because when you put in an X the output would not necessarily always be a Y.

Who could use Magic?

Everybody could access it but we would need to develop new neurological pathways in our brains to master it. We would have to start trusting in something we cannot see yet.

To develop this trust is very important. Columbus trusted that he would reach land beyond the horizon otherwise he would never have convinced a king to back him and started to sail into the unknown.

Our senses need expanding

To master Magic we would need to widen the input of our senses considerably. Their input depends on our brain. And our brain is built on experience: Our senses can only perceive what our brain tells them to.


If an alien spaceship would land in my front yard now I would not see it. My brain would block it since I am not used to spaceships in my daily life. I could not see it because my brain has never experienced anything like it. Even though I have read about spaceships in books and seen movies. It does not match my experiences and the experiences of the people around me.

We are all connected

As a species we share the same experiences. This makes it possible for us to agree on objects we can all see and name. We agree that we are living in the same surroundings as our neighbours. To slowly allow our senses to input information that is automatically blocked, like Magic, we would have to find ways to expand them.

This is why we would need a lot of determination engage Magitec at the beginning.

My dream Magic is not easy to master

The beginners, the first magicians, would have to implement a totally new system into our combined subjective reality. That takes time and effort. But the more people take part the easier it gets for the others.

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To create a path through the jungle from A to B the first explorers have to clear the way with machetes. That takes a lot of energy and time. The people following them can already move much faster. They widen the path and some day the first vehicle can use it. Then somebody creates a street and now everybody is able to get from A to B easily.

This means that there needs to be a core group of people who trust and engage Magitec. They pave the way for the others who follow them. The more people participate the easier it will get.

How could we train our brains?

We could take a light bulb in our hand and start experimenting. We try to light the bulb with the spell Lumosphere for example. It would probably take much longer than we expect to actually see it lighting up although it has been lighting up from the beginning of our experiment. Our brains just did not provide our senses with the appropriate input.

Spells and wands

I would like to keep this magic as easy as possible. I am no fan of wands. Why? The magic in the Harry Potter Dimension described by J. K. Rowlings needs wands and complicated spells. It feels impracticable and cumbersome to me to carry a wand around always.

What are Magic spells?

Spells act as focal points. They show others ways in which Magic works. When somebody finds out a way to use Magitec they condense their path into one word and others can follow in their footsteps easily.

These spells are collected in a book, a grimoire, or on a website.

As the numbers of spells increase we would probably need to get the spells checked by a group of experts doing a spell-performance-check.

Lumosphere is an example for a beginner´s spell: It creates a floating ball of light or lights a light bulb in your hand.

castle-ruin TheDigital Artist

How dangerous is Magic?

Magic could cause considerable harm. Knowing humans, there might soon be spells that harm people. Then you might need a magic police force to keep a watchful eye on the development of Magic.

Different levels of Magic

You don´t want people running around creating havoc with magic. A solution to this problem could be a level system. Since the Magic energy would be sentient, different levels of Magic could be accessed depending on the level of consciousness each person has.

With consciousness I mean how aware a person is of himself, of what he is doing and why. Because the less you are at war with yourself the less you are inclined to create problems for yourself and others when using Magic.

Everybody starts at beginner level 1. You level up when you master the basics. Magitec would sense on its own when an individual is ready for the next level.

Not everybody would want to become an expert but for some Magic would be the answer to their dreams.

What would change with Magic?

I hope that altruistic people find out about magic first. I don´t want this power in the hands of big conglomerates or corrupt egotists. These guys would probably be too narrow minded to notice magic early anyway.

  • Since Magitec works well with science and technology there would probably be a lot of new inventions.
  • More efficient propulsion systems for rockets could enable the exploration of space
  • We could invent cleaner means of transportation. I have always dreamed of antigravitational vehicles, for example.
  • We could also use devices for storing big amounts of energy.
  • Explorations of other dimensions and other realms of consciousness could be new fields of study.
  • There could be big changes in medicine: We could employ Magic for the regeneration of body tissue and coping with diseases.
  • Computers and mobile phones could get smarter and support us more individually.
  • It could get much harder to keep secrets from the public.

What would I personally do with Magic?

I would use it for healing purposes. It would be great if it could help my clients understand better what they are doing and why. Aiding us all to become more conscious and therefore more able to create the reality we want would be great.

space-big copy

Big dreams involving Magic

We could save the planet and help it to find a new equilibrium. We could…

  • invent a new species that lives on the plastic we pollute the oceans with. Let´s call it Prill. It could fit in the food chain just like Krill that has problems adjusting to climate change. It would be edible for sea creatures.
  • invent a giant ventilation system – like the jet stream – that transports dirt, radioactive waste and other toxic elements from the air right out into space where they disintegrate.
  • use existing air conditioning systems to purify the air.
  • invent anaerobic bacteria that feed on the toxic waste we have dumped in the ground everywhere and render it harmless.
  • find out new ways to help the rainforests regrow.
  • support scientists in coping with the hazards originating from the thawing of the permafrost. Many germs and bacteria have stayed frozen there for centuries and are now released into the atmosphere: 2016 there was an Anthrax outbreak in Siberia.

There are so many possibilities that my head is spinning.

How did you like my dream of a world where Magic is real?

Magic could be a great step forward. It could save the human race from extinction.

It could be the beginning of a new space age and many new inventions. It could change everything: our society and the way we live.

Magitec could help to empower us and show that we are truly creating our reality. We would be less susceptible to governments and media who like to tell us what to think and to believe.

Would you want to live in a world where Magic exists?

What would you want to use Magitec for?

Pitures: Pixabay and Private

© Inge Schumacher