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Dear Fairy Tale Dimension Fans

My name is Inge Schumacher. I am living with my family in Hamburg, Germany .

I have an MBA and worked in Controlling and as a Business Consultant. The change of my career to being a healing practicioner was a result of my search for alternative healing methods for my daughter´s asthma. This was more than ten years ago and ever since I have been working as as energy healer. My website is: Physio-Energy. One of the main goals of my life is to help people find their true selves so that they can create the reality they want to thrive in.

What is my connection to the fairy tale dimension? I started this blog because I love to immerse myself in a different reality sometimes. How did I get involved with the FTD? Read all about it in this post: The Ring Bearer. Or you can also watch this facebook live video.

I believe this is the first attempt at gathering information about the fairy tale dimension to get a behind the scenes look at all the familiar and yet unfamiliar fairy tales many of us love.

The Fairy Tale Dimension and You

I am widening my awareness considerably as I have more contact with the FTD. And this is where you, my dear reader, are also widening your awareness. Even by contemplating that there could really exist something like the fairy tale dimension you allow your creativity and the boundaries of your thinking to expand. And this will help you in your daily life to be aware of more possibilities and choices. And it is fun, of course!

English is a language I love

I write this blog in English because I want to connect with as many people as possible. As I am not a native speaker you will probably find mistakes in my texts. Feel free to correct them for me in a private message. This way I will improve my English.

I am an Iceland fan, learn Icelandic and twitter @Islandfrauen.

The wonderful photo edit was made by Melanie Jane Perry. Her Facebookpage is Imagineditive

© Inge Schumacher

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