My energy-work

One of the main goals of my life is to help people find their true selves so that they can create the reality they want to thrive in.

My job doing energy-work is what I do best: Supporting people on their unique paths. This makes me happy. My talent for working with the energy-body helps me to develop my own kind of healing. (You can read this article in German here)

I started with my energy-work in 2007. I opened my practise and got certified as a healing practitioner by the German health authorities.

I help people to help themselves

My clients come to me for help when they get stuck. They have bodily symptoms, psychological problems or unsolved questions. We work together at solving those. I use my high sensitivity and my considerable experience to offer insights, inspiration and healing.

There are no secrets

Everybody can feel energy: We can feel when somebody is looking at us. Some call this intuition or gut feeling. All of us have this ability; it is part of our basic equipment. Often we use the information gleaned from the energy around us without being aware of doing it.

Energy is everywhere and theoretically we can access all kinds of information. But there is so much information that we need a well functioning search engine to find the relevant answers to our questions.

Don´t be afraid!

Some clients believe that I have the ability to see their secrets just by looking at them. This is not the case. It is hard work for me to find the information I need. I concentrate on what is directly connected to the issues of my clients.

I use my tensor for these explorations. The energy-body gives me clues. This way I collect information, which helps me to explore further.

Work with my tensor

The tensor helps me getting information that are beyond my normal senses. It is a biofeedback device. This is why the info I get is very subjective and needs to be taken with more than a grain of salt.

A great advantage of my kind of work is that I get a fresh look at a blockage or a problem, a new perspective. This helps my clients to evaluate new aspects of situations and come to new insights.


A mother was here with her eldest daughter. Prior to her birth the mother suffered many miscarriages. She held on to this child with every fibre of her being. I could see that in her energy.

It was helpful for both of them to get clear about that: The daughter was happy to feel like the much loved child she is. And the mother could understand better why it was so hard for her to let her 11-year-old go.  

I also work with touch

I also work on blockages in the energy-body and organs by touch. I use reflexology for example. How we create our sessions my clients and I decide during our work. I use a treatment table that I can also take with me on house calls.

What my energy-work has to do with personal development

1. My personal development

The more I get to know and accept myself the more sensitive I become and the better I can support my clients. This is a big motivation for me.

I write blog articles about personal development where I share my insights and give lots of examples and exercises. My blog on personal development is in German. Sometimes I translate articles – like this one – for my international clients.

2. The personal development of my clients

I help my clients to start changes to achieve their goals. I don´t want them to come to me with the same problem over and over. Even if that would be easily earned money it is much more fun to show them ways to help themselves. I offer my input without expectations and I don´t take over their responsibility. What they take home and implement is solely their choice.

Energy-work is very individual  

Energy-work is very different for everybody and that makes my sessions with every client new and interesting. The more experience I have the more I understand how individual healthcare is.  

Example: I supported a client with cancer

When his cancer came back after a few years he asked for my help and we discussed what kind of support he needed from me. He was very clear about what he wanted. He also did not expect any miracles. I was part of his support system, with his doctors, physiotherapist and help in the house.

Who I don´t want to work with

I have refused working with clients with cancer who did not want to employ conventional medicine even though their beliefs told another story.

Sadly we are experts at tricking ourselves. That can have dire consequences when we deal with serious diseases. We can create massive problems when we ignore these beliefs.

He who heals is right

I believe in conventional medicine. We have great treatments today and we should use them. We have the choice to get help form different sources. The only thing that is important is that our choice fits to us. Sometimes this is not so easy to find out. Then it is wise to get help and try different avenues.

Energetic house cleaning

A lot of people react very sensitively to energies in their environment. They sleep badly and don´t feel comfortable. Here the energetic cleaning of house, apartment and property can help. These energies are very difficult to objectively see. This is why the subjective feeling of the inhabitants are so important. I harmonize the energies when I visit the property.

Example: Moving house

Often people contact me who have moved recently. They cannot pinpoint it but something feels wrong with their new home. When this persists and nothing else helps they come to me.

It is important that you trust your perception. When you have the recurring feeling that something is off then you are right.

My experiences with energetic house cleaning

I have been to many different properties, lots, houses and apartments. Every place is different and I never know what I will find. So far I could always help.

My energy-work does not have anything to do with miracles or magic

Who knows me personally knows that I am a pragmatic. I would not be comfortable working in an ivory tower. My family and my humour are the solid base for my energy-work. My daily life with normal household chores like washing, cleaning and cooking keeps me real.

I am just doing my job albeit an unusual one.

I meet my clients on the same level

I also have my issues that I am working on like everybody else. I also engage help when I am stuck.

Through my work I can see how wonderful and unique everyone is. I am happy for every progress and every new insight my clients have.

You work best with me when you are searching for

  • Support to get out of an impasse
  • New information and a peak behind the curtains
  • Respectful cooperation
  • Strong support and inspiration

You can profit a lot when you are ready

  • For change
  • Open for new ideas
  • To take responsibility for yourself
  • Humour is helpful but not required

When you believe I could be helpful please contact me. I work internationally with video-calls. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Pictures: private

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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