The Zombie-Virus Fairy Tale

I had a very frightening dream a year ago. It was so vivid and that I still recall it easily. What gives me the creeps is that the dream is more science fact than science fiction.

To understand the story better I give you some background information about my husband and me.

We are a family with special talents

My husband and I both work with energy. He is fond of exploring unusual avenues. He experiments with something he calls Magitec for example. That is a new kind of magic energy that fits to our dimension.

I use energy work to heal and support people on their individual paths.

When we met I studied business and he was training to become a physician. We never thought that we would work closely together one day. This is what exploring life as a couple for over 30 years can do to you when you are lucky.

We talk to channelled entities

For over ten years we have been conversing with Elias, Ayla and Tompkin. They are channelled entities. Channels are popular at the moment because we need all the insights we can get to handle the changes we are facing.

The Shift in Consciousness  

Over hundred years ago this dimension decided to set into motion a Shift in Consciousness. This Shift has started in 2000 and will be completed by 2075. The aim of this shift is to remove the veils that separate us from the pure consciousness we are.

We are here because we need bodies to make experiences we cannot make as energy beings. The moment we arrive here as infants we forget where we are coming from.

Becoming more aware is the goal of the Shift

To get rid of the veils we have to be conscious of what we are and what we do. We have to really get to know ourselves.

Are you aware of the Shift that is happening?

  • Do you have the feeling that a lot is changing?
  • Do you see the growing uncertainties?
  • Things seem to be happening much more sudden nowadays. Plans become obsolete fast.
  • Do you see old institutions – like the US presidency – fail?
  • Climate Change can be seen everywhere

Permafrost is thawing

Arctic permafrost has been thawing due to climate change for the past decades. Scientists are aware that unknown bacteria and viruses are lurking there. Our bodies do not have any immune response to them because they are new to us. Many unexplainable gastrointestinal and lung sicknesses could be caused by these yet undiscovered microorganisms.

The Zombie-Virus Fairy Tale

My dream started with Elias giving alarm in November 2019: A catastrophe in the permafrost region of our planet was imminent. A virus that has been frozen since the age of the dinosaurs (244 until 66 million years ago) was threatening to go viral. It would kill billions if it could not be stopped fast.

The Zombie-Virus kills higher brain functions

In my dream I saw disturbing pictures of aggressive people killing each other. The virus was spreading fast all over the globe. I felt helpless.

The virus changes us into aggressive animals

Only the cerebellum, the brain stem, the oldest part of our brain, remains functioning when this virus infects us. Its job is to keep us alive. We can eat, sleep, have sex and move, nothing more.

  • We can only react automatically to instincts and emotions like hunger or anger
  • We cannot think any more
  • We cannot speak any longer

There are no more morals or empathy. We are reduced to a raging mass of wild animals killing one another when food is scarce. Which happens soon after the outbreak.

All higher life forms that evolved after the dinosaur age can be infected: Wild mammals, cattle and pets.

The Zombie-Virus did not kill the dinosaurs

The dinosaur predators only got a bit more violent when infected with the virus thus spreading the disease more effectively. They got immune eventually. This explains why the virus can be found everywhere in the permafrost.

The Zombie-Virus is spread by air and can survive in sweet water. This makes it very infectious. It would spread in six weeks round the planet destroying our civilisation fast. There would not be enough time to work on vaccinations.

How to save humanity?

Of course our greater consciousness could help, the one we forgot about in order to experience life here. But it has agreed not to interfere. I call this the Prime Directive.

The problem with the Prime Directive

This expression comes from the Star Trek Universe: Starfleet agreed with this non-interference directive to honour the natural development of civilisations.

Greater Consciousness had already stretched the Prime Directive to braking point when alerting us: It tried containing the virus in cold stasis.

Humans were unaware

Elias told my husband about the virus. Humans were not aware of the danger. And it would be much too late when they finally realized what was happening.

Why him? My husband was the only one who could find a solution to the virus problem because of the Magitec he was experimenting with. Would he be able to? We did not know. We were totally terrified.

A horrific Christmas

Only we knew about the Damocles Sword that hung over everybody. In my dream I saw my family sitting by the Christmas tree wondering whether this would be the last Christmas of civilisation.

It was hard for us to cope with normal life while my husband was figuring out what he could do.

Killing the Zombie-Virus was not the best option

Our first instinct was to destroy the virus. We thought about all kinds of avenues to do just that.

In discussions with Elias we learned that the energy of extinguishing life, even a dangerous virus, has detrimental consequences for all of consciousness: This destruction would hurt every being everywhere. Of course we did not want to cause that kind of pain.

Magitec did the trick

My husband needed an efficient instrument to affect the virus. His experiments with Magitec paid off.

First he refroze the permafrost and put a safety bubble around the thawing sites to give us more time.

Then he came up with the idea to inhibit the reproduction of the virus. Viruses are harmless when they are not able to reproduce. So even if a virus would find a mammal host it could do no harm.

Don´t ask me how he did it, because I can´t comprehend it. But he managed to save our civilisation just in time – without going on a killing spree.

Seeing the possibility of losing everything almost drove me crazy during the time it took to find a solution.

Civilisation would have had to start fresh

Had he not succeeded only people who were naturally immune, 40 millions, would have survived. Because of food shortages, disease and turmoil probably only 25 million humans of 8 billion would have survived the first year after the outbreak.

I got a new understanding of the value of life and interconnectedness

This experience made me understand that we humans still don´t hold life in high value. In the last decades we came a long way. But we do not treat our planet with the respect it deserves and we are suffering the consequences.

The apocalypse of the Zombie-Virus is a theme

In the last decades hundreds of movies were made about viruses that turn humans into senseless monsters. Perhaps this was my inspiration for this dream.

The Corona virus brings massive change

At the same time I dreamed this, the Corona virus started spreading. It was harmless compared to the Zombie-Virus. But it started a pandemic just like the Zombie-Virus could have.

The Corona virus caused the most changes we had in our world without any war. It forced all of us into new ways.

The Corona-Virus helps us to learn

  • Self-structuring
  • Self-directing
  • Differences

A lot of my clients suffer from anxiety and the uncertainties the pandemic brings. As bad as it is, the changes caused by the virus give us the chance to learn a lot about ourselves. Hopefully it makes us more open for the changes we have to embrace to save our planet.

I hope we will never have to cope with a real Zombie apocalypse.

I hope I will never have another Nightmare like this!

Pictures: Pixabay

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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