The Contemplative Dimension


Today I want you to accompany me to the Contemplative Dimension. I mentioned this dimension in a blog post recently and people wanted to know more about it. Visiting Other Dimensions and Playfulness

When I discovered this dimension I intuitively called it “Contemplative”. When I looked up the meaning of this word in the Oxford Dictionary and in Wikipedia I discovered that its name is fitting its purpose very well:

In the Contemplative Dimension beings are invited for a healing of the soul. The healing works mainly on a subconscious level. I created this dimension together with others to facilitate the self-healing processes of individuals who have suffered severe trauma. This  goes very well with my energy work, which probably explains my connection to it. My homepage

When I started with my energy healing more than ten years ago I did not foresee where this might lead. Who would have thought that I would write a blog about another reality, the fairy tale dimension (FTD)? Almost four years ago I noticed three emissaries from the FTD in the central library of Hamburg. The Ring Bearer They delivered the ring energy to me, the designated ring bearer, thereby linking the two dimensions close together once more.

We are all so much more than we think we are. Sometimes I wonder how much time the average human spends in other dimensions without being aware of it. For the most part we only have a slight knowing. People are becoming more aware of their connection with all there is at the moment. The people in my facebook group for example are aware of their connection to the fairy tale dimension.


Meeting a king

Two months after my encounter with the magicians from the fairy tale dimension I drove one of my daughters to a birthday party. It had snowed the night before. When I brought her to the door I saw a white haired gentleman sweeping the sidewalk on the other side of the street. He was leaning on his broom watching me when I walked back to my car. I crossed the street and we chatted about the weather. He was about 1,85 meters tall and had a sympathetic face with many wrinkles in the right places. I estimated him being in his sixties. He looked very fit and agile. His warm blue twinkling eyes looked at me warmly.

When I drove home I had a feeling that something was off, similar to the feeling after my encounter with the people from the fairy tale dimension. A few hours later I was sure that he must have been a visitor from another dimension. I was also pretty sure that he was not from the FTD. He gave an impression of a peacefulness and tranquillity that was different from the more agitated energy of the visitors from the FTD.

I wonder if nowadays I would be able to identify people from other dimensions earlier. Would he have told me that he was visiting from another dimension, had I asked him directly? Sadly I have not had the chance to test this yet.

It took my husband and me a few months to figure out where this white haired man had come from. Turns out that he was the king of the Contemplative Dimension.


The Contemplative Dimension

When the leader of the Contemplative Dimension came to visit me in my natural habitat he wanted to make sure I would investigate and he achieved his goal. I was not aware of this dimension before I met him. Slowly my husband and I found out that I with the help of others actually created this dimension. It was my intention to create a safe haven and open an opportunity for beings from different dimensions to heal their souls.

The king is a native of this dimension. When we created the dimension he decided to become one of the few permanent residents there.


What does the Contemplative Dimension look like?

Compared to our dimension with its countless galaxies and the fairy tale dimension (FTD) with its unending plane it is tiny. It is only as big as it needs to be at any given moment. The realm that it exists in provides easy access for beings from other dimensions. It mainly consists of a big house and the park around it. The park includes a small stream, a lake and facilities for outdoor activities. There never is bad weather and the temperatures are balmy all year long and. This dimension is tranquillity itself: The energy expressed there is calm, serene and worry-free.

Our king´s home is not a castle. His home has more the appearance of a big sprawling house. The house has large windows that let in a lot of light. When I met the king looked to be in his sixties, but he felt ageless. His appearance did not change over time. He entered the dimension looking like this and he will leave it again looking like this at some point in the future. Time is a very relative thing in this dimension.

The Contemplative Dimension does not have many permanent residents besides him. He is an integral part of the blueprint of this dimension. This enables him to manipulate the house and the grounds easily. He is his own cook and house cleaner should he want to engage these activities. He can grow his food or magically order it should he choose to. Since he is a very down to earth person he enjoys working with his hands. He even has a workshop on the premises. When he has many guests he can create help. His job description says that he is a powerful healer and has a passion for life in all its different forms.

A tranquil environment is good for the healing process

Everything in this dimension is configured to ease pain and promote the healing of the soul. Adventures and excitement you have to find elsewhere. Healing and resting are the sole objectives of this safe haven. There are no distractions because the focus is on the patients who bring enough inner turmoil with them.

The blueprint of the dimension makes it easy to enter. It is very flexible and it is able to balance the energies of the visiting individuals. It can accommodate a lot of different beings should the need arise. The big house and the king can replicate themselves as often as he deems prudent. Everybody will always feel cared for and important.

The king has a group of alter egos who support him. These are diverse people from all kinds of dimensions who are healers at heart. They are called in when the kings need assistance. There is always an opening should you be interested.


Healing in the Contemplative Dimension

The offer of the Contemplative Dimension is expressed as a kind of knowing to prospective clients. People in need of the facilities of the dimension tap into this knowing subconsciously and ask for admittance.

Guests usually arrive in their dreamtime. When they decide it is time to go back they leave. The Contemplative Dimension has no expectations and does not exude any pressure on the guests. When a visitor comes he arrives at the front porch of the mansion. To get to this porch the patient has to pass a thorough screening process:

His need and intentions are looked at closely first. Before gaining admittance the visitor has to choose from a variety of avatars. The use of a new body symbolises the different reality he is entering. It also ensures that there are no dangerous body parts and that the possibility of aggressive behaviour is minimized. This allows beings from very different backgrounds to get along.


Talking Therapy

The Contemplative Dimension´s soul healing is basically achieved by talking. The king and his client sit together comfortably in the library of the mansion. The king´s unthreatening reassuring presence is very important to ease the atmosphere and create trust.

By talking the client lets his traumatic experience go. It is transferred anonymously via the telling into a recording device that has the shape of a book. These books are stored in the library. Sometimes many recording sessions are needed to finish the transfer into the device and ease the pain of the patient.

With the transfer the trauma is not erased or forgotten. But a good portion of the pain is removed by sharing and by being acknowledged. The space that has been occupied by the pain of the client is then filled with the love and respect of the dimension represented by the king. This restores self worth and promotes the healing process. The client always has the power to decide how far he is comfortable to share and how much he wants to let go.

In between his sessions the client lives in the house with the king in a simple room. He is free to roam the grounds, use the facilities and relax. The visitor can also interact with other guests should he choose to. He can also invite other beings that pass the screening process and fit into the blueprint of the dimension to visit him. Children like to choose fairies, unicorns or little animals to play with.

The guest can use the library to hear other people´s stories. The library also offers a lot of information about consciousness, life and dimensions. You can read fairy tales there for example.


The Contemplative Dimension builds up resilience

This blog article is a good opportunity for me to tap into this dimension and examine it thoroughly. The word about its existence is spreading. I can feel the energy radiating outwards. More and more dimensions receive invitations and more and more healers are lending their energies to this unique healing facility.

I know that so far there have been visitors from the fairy tale dimension and from the human dimension. At the moment I am giving some of the refugees I work with an invitation simply by respecting them. You can do that too, when you connect with people directly or via the media. Just send a wish that they may find help and energy will find its way.

My intention is that the Contemplative Dimension will strengthen the inherent resilience of beings. I want to help everybody, especially children, to live fulfilling lives despite having had a bad start in life.

Perhaps one day we will look at the life of a person and wonder how on earth he or she could have managed to survive a trauma so well. And perhaps the Contemplative Dimension has supported this individual in mastering it. The Contemplative Dimension does not have the need to be acknowledged or to receive a badge. It simply is. It exists because healing energies can connect everybody and everything; even dimensions.

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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