Corona: How to Stay in Balance

The Corona virus is not interested in borders. The pandemic shows us how much we are interconnected: It affects us all and causes worldwide turmoil.

You can read this article in German here.

We are not able to cut us off from the general upheaval. Even when we stay in our home we are affected by the turbulent energies around us. They seep through the walls; unseen but not unfelt.

Electronic devices are affected by these energies, too: I have some trouble with my telephone lines for example.

Corona: Panic is everwhere

Our governments are afraid and thus react very strongly to the virus: The lockdowns cut into many of our civil rights. Even though this seems to be the only way to manage the infection I invite you to look critically at what is happening: Isolation causes fear.

When we are fearful we are easily manipulated. The currency of control is panic. When we are in panic our brains don´t function properly.

This is why it is so important to be aware of ourselves and take responsibility for our wellbeing. We don´t have to drown in our fears. We can choose to let them go. When we are not afraid we can look at the situation more rationally and find better ways to cope with it.

Less structure causes more insecurity

Our structures crumble because schools are closed and many of us are staying at home. When our familiar routines change we feel insecure. This insecurity adds to the fear.

The security we need we can only find in ourselves. Remember: You create more of what you concentrate on: We are still creating our own reality in every single moment.

Why did we create this situation?

We are changing our way of creating profoundly in this shift in consciousness. We are not only testing to let go of structures; because of this virus we also address topics like interconnectedness and differences.

Things are going to change a lot in the near future: Climate change and earth changes are still going on. We show ourselves for example how beautiful our planet can be when we stop polluting it. See this article: Venice reports dolphins and fishes.

Of course this is an uncomfortable situation. For me this virus is a dry run for challenges to come. We are preparing for more change whether we like it or not.

Collage Balance
My daughter did this collage

You can help yourself

The general distress is very real at the moment. To deny it and to push it away just makes it worse. I feel the unrest and agitation also. To cope with it I try to be as conscious in my daily life as I can be.

Have you realized that it is much easier to become agitated at the moment?

Take a closer look at the people surrounding you. My normally very calm husband expresses much more excitement than usual. I also get flustered much easier. It does not matter whether we think we have good reasons to get angry. For example:

  • The neighbours are too loud
  • Trump posts one of his crazy tweets and is lying to his people
  • The situation of the refugees in Turkey and Syria is unbearable

The reason for this agitation is that it is so much easier for us to engage extremes in this situation. The longer it continues the more we should be aware of the energy we are expressing.

Buffering other people´s feelings

I also try to evaluate where my feelings are coming from. I ask myself if the agitation I feel is coming from myself or form outside of me. My own feelings are signals that give me much needed information about myself. Other people´s feelings I can buffer. But I can buffer them only if I am aware that they are not mine. This is why being conscious and aware is so important right now.

Clients talk to me because they have a hard time coping with their fear.

Client example: The hamster wheel

One client engaged me because she could not stop worrying. She obsessed about her dog and what she would do if Germany would also have a general lockdown.

We discovered that she was not in the present but in a spiral of fear. She realized that she was projecting her anxieties onto her dog. This was only natural. Her fear needed to be expressed and found something tangible to manifest itself.

After our conversation my client was more conscious of what she was doing and how she expressed her fears. She now tries to anchor herself better in the here and now when she becomes aware of running in the hamster wheel of anxiety again.

A lot of us project our fears onto people we are close to. Many children call their parents more often now and vice versa. I do that, too. It helps me to stay calm and centred.

Creating nightmare scenarios does not help anybody. We are just putting energy into a possible negative future. Do we really want to do that?

flea-market-Schlüssel jackmac34

The key to our reality is the present

Only when we are in the present we are able to cope effectively with our challenges. We have to remember that we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves. The better we feel the more grounded we are. And the better we can cope with the unrest around us and support others.

How do I stay in balance?

Together with my family we evaluate what helps us. We set small highlights every day to keep up our spirit. We express our fears and share what we can do to feel calm.

Good food is important for the morale. This is why we prepare special dishes and comfort food.

  • We make big fruit salads
  • We bake fresh bread or waffles
  • We enjoy Tacos, pancakes and homemade pizza

It is okay to feel panicky

Because I work on being more aware I realize quite fast: Ah, this is a panic moment. Then I immediately go into the present: There is no reason for me to feel any fear. The fridge is full and my family is well. I wave the fear goodbye and let it go.

How can I come to the present fast?

Fear is only a feeling! It anticipates something that could happen in the future. When we anchor ourselves in the present it can dissipate quickly. I put together some ideas that help me to stay in the present:

1. I move my body

Exercise helps me to feel my body better. This makes it easier to distance myself from the turbulent energies around me. My chores in house and garden ground me.

2. I do things I enjoy:

  • I use my happy music playlist.
  • Distraction: I love to read a good book and thus teleport myself into another reality. I also enjoy foolish computer games.
  • I wear my happy socks knitted by my aunt (see picture below)


3. I stay in touch

with friends and family virtually: By touching bases regularly I know what they are up to and how they are.

4. Don´t forget to laugh!

A friend was very relieved when we joked on the phone. She told me that many people she encounters seem to have lost their humour nowadays. I am blessed with great friends and acquaintances: They can still laugh about themselves and the situation.

Laughing relaxes the atmosphere considerably.

It does not matter why you laugh: Whether you binge-watch comedies or make bad jokes. Have fun fooling around!

How do I treat people who are in panic?

Trying to soothe them by repeating: Everything will be okay, will not help. If you talk to people who are in panic this does not change anything: They only feel misunderstood.

You are not supposed to echo these people and fuel their panic! It is important to take them and their reality seriously. You show your support and compassion that way. Then you are on the same page and you can truly support them.

castle-Schlüssel Herz FoxDesign

Acceptance opens our hearts

You make a big difference when you interact with people by showing no judgement only acceptance. That way you make a much bigger positive impact on their reality than you might believe.

To illustrate this I use the picture of waves that ripple outwards when I throw a pebble into a pond. Everybody who is taking care of himself and shows acceptance for himself and others causes more positive ripples.

Doing something tangible can make a big difference

Ask somebody in distress: What can I do to make you feel better?


A friend´s adult daughter was almost out of her mind with panic. Her mother stayed calm and asked her what would help her. The daughter wanted to go shopping. So this is what they did.

Don´t let the Corona crisis take away your balance

You don´t have to react to the fear and panic surrounding you. You have a choice. When you are not comfortable look closely where your feelings come from and let them go.

Come back to the present when you have lost your balance. Then you are able to take care of yourself and your family much more effectively.

Most of us will catch the virus sooner or later. When you get sick it is even more important to stay balanced. The less fear you feel the less symptoms you will create. When you are calm you enable your body to heal yourself much better.

I am there to support you during this challenging time. I do sessions via Skype or Facetime. Feel free to contact me for a half  hour of free consultation.

Stay calm and balanced!

Pictures: Private und Pixabay

© Inge Schumacher



Sleep Better after an Energetic House Cleaning

My expertise is working with the invisible. I am very good at identifying causes of blockages and standstill in people´s lives and supporting them in getting back into their flow.

My energy work also includes energetic house cleaning and it still amazes me what a big difference this can make in the life of my clients: The have more energy and less conflicts as well as much better sleep.

(You can read this article in German here.)

Every place on earth has a unique energy

Places that draw some people to them turn others away. There are locations we feel comfortable in; these places resonate with us. In others we feel easily exhausted without finding any obvious reasons.

Places of Power have especially high levels of positive energy. Some of the sites best known for their high energy levels are the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK or Ayers Rock in Australia.

How can the energies in our environment affect our sleep?

Many people react sensitively to specific energies in their environment. When we sleep badly or feel unwell an energetic cleaning of the apartment, house and property can make a big difference. My job is to identify the irritating energies, calm them and harmonise them. Here I share some of the reasons that can cause us to feel uncomfortable in our home or workplace:


1. Geobiological Stress

Geobiology describes the influence of the earth on living beings.

1.1 Water veins

Water veins are part of our groundwater system. They are a frequent cause of geobiological stress. A lot of people react with disturbed sleep when they sleep right on one of these veins. Even water that flows in a depth of 1,000 meters can have an impact on the people living above.

1.2 Earth fissures

The earth is always in motion. In Germany we live in the middle of the Eurasian continental plate with no active volcanoes around. In spite of this we register a few hundred minor earthquakes every year. Worldwide there are a few hundred earthquakes a day. We don´t feel them but sensitive seismological instruments record them.

Every earth movement changes the energy flowing through the crust of the earth. These small earthquakes occur everywhere. They are the results of small movements of our earth always aiming for balance. They create new small earth fissures and cause a different flow of energy. Pets, especially cats, like to rest right on these fissures. When other disturbances like water veins add to this more people are affected.

1.3 Hartman Net

The Hartmann net is probably the best-known grid. It is named after the German Dr Ernst Hartmann who described this net first. It consists of naturally occurring energy lines running North-South and East-West all over the earth with 2 to 4 meters in-between. Alternate lines are positively and negatively charged. The intersections of these lines can be a source of energetic disturbances when they cross other nets or water veins.

1.4 Curry Grid

Dr Manfred Curry discovered diagonal energy lines in the earth (Northeast-Southwest and Northwest-Southeast). The strength of the Curry Grid varies with the lunar cycle and is felt more at night than during the day. Sensitive people react to intersections of Curry lines with other grids with sleeping problems.

2. Other energetic stress sources

Besides energies originating from the earth and its movements there are others that people can react sensitive to:

2.1 Nature spirits and elves

During an energy cleaning I often find entities that have strong connections to nature or to the inhabitants of the homes I work in. Here are three examples:

2.1.1 Earth spirits

Visiting a client with a green thumb I discovered an earth spirit in one of the rooms. Many of these beings live in her garden and one had paid a visit in the house. I always check what kind of energy these entities have. In this case the energy of the earth spirit felt good to my client and me and we left it where it was.

2.1.2 Elves and fairies

In children´s rooms I often meet diverse beings children love to play with. They naturally attract them. Often these beings visit from the Fairy Tale Dimension, which is one of the main subjects of this blog. After we visited Iceland one of my daughters hosted a whole bunch of elves in her room. Elves have a very playful energy and love untidy rooms. You can imagine what her room looked like!

Most of the time these beings have positive energies and I let my clients decide whether they want to continue to share their roof with them or not. I only advise to send them away when their energy is irritating.


Once I was called to an old lady. She could not sleep anymore because her bed shook every night. I thought that she was exaggerating. When I was on-site I realised that these creatures scared the hell out of the poor woman. She was living alone and felt very lonely which was picked up by the beings, who just wanted to keep her company. Because she did not react, they made themselves known quite fiercely. I communicated with these beings and explained to them how much terror they caused. Henceforth they were much quieter.

You can read all about it here: The story of the little green people


2.1.3 Close friends and relatives

Other visitors that I find during energy cleansings are dead relatives or people who had close relationships with the inhabitants of a house. They use this occasion to make themselves known and leave a loving greeting.

When my children were small my dead grandmother was there often. She was so present that I could sometimes see her out of the corners of my eyes. Although they never met her, my children recognised her from a photo. I felt very loved and protected having her around.

2.2 Energy legacies 

In many houses I discover energy heirlooms of previous inhabitants. I have even found irritating residual people-energies in a newly built building.

It is no accident that we like to clean our new home thoroughly before we move in. That way we get rid of strange energies as well as the visible dust and dirt.

Especially in rooms that are used by many people, e.g. practises, it is wise to do an energy cleansing regularly. It does not matter which method you use. A lot of people successfully employ salt or incense for example.

2.3 Historical energies

Places where many people died or were executed often still show residual energies of these events. I live north of Hamburg and have repeatedly found energies from the 30 Years War (1618-1648) there. A lot of harm was caused at the time not only by battles but also by marauding soldiers. I cannot imagine how cruel these times must have been.

2.4 Electromagnetic radiation

Electronic devices have electromagnetic fields and emanate radiation. In Germany we have official limits and directives for the allowed strength of these electromagnetic fields.

Even though this radiation does not hurt our body some people react to it: They are sensitive. When I cleanse a house energetically I routinely clear all radiation sources from sockets to Wifi-routers.

There is a whole industry that is specialised in the protection of this radiation. You can spend a lot of money on expensive gadgets that, in my experience, are not necessary. I don´t mind, if people feel better using these products and don´t overspend.

3. How I work

I have learned how to do energetic cleaning in 2007 during my training to be an energy healer. Since then I have acquired lots of practical knowledge in this area.

I do the energy cleansing on-site. The time I need and therefore the fees depend on the size of the property and my travel times.


I work with a tensor that works like a pendulum. It helps me to identify irritating energy fields. I walk through each room and investigate thoroughly every nook and cranny including the basement, the attic and the garden.

An Example

In a 200-year-old house a client has always been feeling cold and uncomfortable in one room. I discovered that in this room a child had died a long time ago from a grave illness. The pain and hurt of the family I could still sense after all this time. I sent the family´s energies back to where they belonged and harmonised and healed it. After finishing cleansing the house we revisited the room and it felt much brighter.

My Approach

The wellbeing of the inhabitants is always my main objective. First I gather information about the situation:

  • How is the health of the inhabitants?
  • Is there anything out of the ordinary?
  • How is the quality of their sleep?
  • What is the history of the house?

Then I walk through each room and scan carefully for energies that don´t belong there.  I harmonise these energies and leave a vibrant and healthy home.

I give you as much information as you want throughout the cleaning process and I appreciate your active participation. I plan 2 hours for a normal sized house and garden. You also get tips on how to maintain the clean condition of your home or workplace.


4. Trust yourself

People who consult with me are aware that they have a problem I can help them with. Most clients have either been searching for a solution for long-term sleeping problems or are have just moved house: Recurring nightmares or a tendency to delay going to bed can be indicators that something is off about the sleep environment.

Others sense that something just doesn´t feel right. When there is trouble with the neighbours it can also be a good idea to look at the energy situation.

Trust your intuition and your perception! When you have the impression that something is not okay you are correct.

My method is not the only effective way to get rid of irritating energies. I have seen lasting protection from water veins when people have worked with Reiki, for example. Just be sure to choose a method that you feel comfortable with.

Everybody should have a harmonious environment to sleep in and thereby have more energy during the day.

Should you want use my expertise for energy cleansing when you don´t live in the vicinity of Hamburg it might be a good idea to get together with other people and share my travel expenses. I also work abroad when my schedule permits it.

Contact me about your personal situation! I offer you a half hour phone consultation free of charge.


Pictures: Pixabay and Private

© Inge Schumacher