Energy-work and Cancer

In this article I share my experiences with clients who have cancer. I introduce you to Crystal who I work with at the moment.

Does energy-work help cancer patients?

I started working with people with cancer in 2013. My friend Lucy had lymphatic cancer. It was bad. When she asked me to work with her I told her that I was afraid to make things worse. She looked at me sternly and said: “Come on. Get a grip I don´t expect any miracles. I am sure you can help me and I know you won´t hurt me.”

She was right. Working with her was like working with any other client. I did the same: I offered energy and she used it. It was just as rewarding. She died a year later.

I am grateful to her that she helped me to get rid of the limitation I had set myself. She helped me to realise that people with cancer are just like everyone else. They call the shots. They know that I can´t produce any miracles.

Since then I have supported other cancer patients. Mostly people I knew before they got sick. It seems to be easier to do energy-work when you have already established some trust.

Who I don´t work with

I refuse to work with clients who do not want to employ conventional medicine even though their beliefs tell another story. Sadly we are experts at tricking ourselves. That can have dire consequences when we deal with serious diseases.

Crystal´s journey

I met Crystal in 2012 when we visited a common friend in New England. Three years later we came back and she invited us to park our motorhome in front of her house. This way we got to know each other better. Since then we have been staying in touch.

Crystal is a talented artist. She has two children and three grandchildren she adores. She has worked hard all her life to put her husband and her children through university. She is of retirement age but has to earn money because she was not able to build a financial safety cushion for herself. She was always there for others.

In the beginning of January 2021 she went to the hospital with the flue. There she was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. The disease was wreaking havoc with her T-Cells.

At that point, she calls this moment “grace”, she could see her choice clearly: She could either die soon or she could stay and change her life completely. At that moment there was no emotion, just clarity.  She chose to stay knowing fully well that it wouldn´t be easy and that the outcome was unsure.

Did I really want to work with Crystal?

Before I contacted Crystal I took three weeks to evaluate whether I really wanted to get involved.

  • Could I stand it to see her suffering?
  • Would I be able to cope when she died?

How could I support Crystal?

My idea was to offer an open ear when she had a bad day. She was a very positive person. But even a positive person has ups and downs. The plus was that I was neither family nor a close friend. I was able to see the bigger picture.

We talked about her situation. She confessed that she had a hard time accepting my offer. She was so used to doing everything on her own. But she knew that this time she needed a support system.

We started with energy-work

We dicovered we were a good fit and enjoyed working together. We were very open about everything. That was very helpful with figuring out our process.  

Crystal´s journey

After her decision she acted immediately. She was admitted to a study of three months of chemotherapy three days a week. This shaped her life.

She was very creative in employing the chemo as her helper against the malignant T-Cells. She used crystals to instruct her body not to enact the side effects. She continued to get better.

Looking at causes

It was important for her to look at the roots of her illness. She had already figured out a lot. She knew that massive trauma in her childhood was the cause. She did not know all the details yet.

Trauma produces toxic energy

Everybody understands that a bad childhood can scar you for life. I have only recently realised how pervasive trauma is. Even though many people forget all about it – to survive – the effects shape the lives of the victims.

Crystal´s childhood

She practically raised herself and her sister. Her childhood consisted of abuse and beatings. She moved out when she was sixteen and put herself through high school on her own. She was very successful in her professional work.

Our energy-work

She found out that her mother tried to abort her. I had the feeling that more happened when Crystal was very young. I asked her to go back into her early childhood and try to imagine what could have happened.

She got devastating images: When she was a few months old her mother had tried to suffocate her with her bare hands. She even remembered her mother´s ring hurting her neck during the incident. The mother only stopped because she was afraid of possible consequences.

This was hard to process. But it explained feeling alone and not wanted all her life. It also explained her thyroid cancer twenty years ago.

Crystal changed her plans

Because she was in good shape she decided against a bone marrow transplant choosing an experimental drug instead. This meant no hospital stays and much less pain. It also meant that she was left more to her own devices.

Crystal´s joyful journey

What Crystal needed was absolute trust in her recovery. That is easier said than done. But she was willing to do what it took.

  • Willing to look at everything that needed looking at
  • Asking the big questions about herself

Equally as important was that she knew that she could only succeed when she brought more joy into her life. This is why she calls this journey joyful.

In her journey she uses her big creative and psychic abilities to

  • Get aware of her energy at any given moment
  • Question everything she does if it is to her greatest benefit
  • Change what she senses brings back the toxic energies that caused the cancer

Her friends and family are confronted with a very different Crystal, one who has to put herself first. They have to do without her continuous support. Instead she needs them to continually support her. This is not an easy adjustment to make. And not everybody is happy about it.

Crystal is very sensitive. She feels my and my husband´s constant support. The downside is that she also senses the fears and misgivings of her friends and family. That is to be expected. But it is not easy to cope with.

An inside job

Crystal takes full responsibility for herself thus enabling herself to make changes in the first place. I am sitting in the back seat during her journey, accompanying her. But she is at the steering wheel.

My husband and I are monitoring her. He is supporting her with the tricky task of using her new drug to her greatest benefit. I check her balance and look what else we need to be aware of. 

We talk several times a week. She shares what she is working on and gets my input. I share my ideas and she employs what works for her.

What has Crystal changed?

  • She lives much more in the moment.
  • She creates and experiences much more joy: Even in her daily chores like shopping and housekeeping.
  • She is recreating the connections to her family members. She is discovering the many entanglements of her traumas that have shaped these relationships.
  • She reconnects with people that are good for her.
  • She continues to forget that she is sick. It shows how important the balance between determination and letting-go is.
  • She is working on not pushing. Which is hard when you have pushed yourself all your life.

With her way to tackle this new life journey she has a good chance to create many more happy years.

Pictures: Pixabay and Private

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

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