The Postal System and the Start of a New Fairy Tale

I want to write a loose sequence of blog articles featuring different fairy tale countries I have visited. To make this more readable I have the idea to write a story about the adventures of a mailman, who visits these countries. In other words: I am starting a new fairy tale!

In this post I will tell you about the postal system of the fairy tale dimension (FTD) and introduce you to my hero Shabby.

The postal system

The fairy tale dimension consists of one gigantic plane. There are hundreds of thousands of countries. Remember, our dimension consists of hundreds of billions of galaxies and the FTD is equally vast! Should you want more basic information about the dimension follow this link: Facts about the Fairy Tale Dimension

There are countries of all sizes. Most of them are aware that they exist in a gigantic universe together with many many other countries. The different countries are connected by long histories of alliances and enmities and also by people who move from one country to another. There are power struggles, family ties and friendships. An official postal system is very important to ensure communication over long distances.

The postal system encompasses the whole dimension. This requires a huge well oiled machinery and well planned logistics. This is one of the big achievements of the FTD. Every FTD country of a certain size sends emissaries to work for the postal system. Most recruits stay only for a few years and some, like our hero, make it their career and even become legends.

The mail consists mostly of letters and parcels just like here. Newspapers and books for scholars are transported and traders send their merchandise all over the dimension. The bulk of the mail is transported by horse, boat, coach or by air and is delivered to the central mail station of every country. From there it is distributed further to cities and homes. There are many unusual means of transportation. Perhaps you would like to travel in a Jonah Whale?

Information delivery systems

Since in the FTD deceit and secrets are very important there is a big variety of other methods of delivering messages. Important messages are often sent by personal messengers. There is special branch of the mail company that specializes in important and fast deliveries. Urgent personal notices or secret government communications are only sent via these special messengers.

In J.K. Rowling´s Harry Potter universe mail is delivered by owl. In the FTD all kinds of sentient beings and species work as messengers.

Means of communication

The shadows have their own independent dimension wide network of intelligence that is used only by the spiritual leader of the FTD the ringbearer. You can read more about the shadows here: The Home of the Ring Bearer

The magicians have other means of communication. They use crystal balls for example that can communicate with other crystal balls. These work a bit like Skype does on earth.

There are also automated feathers that come in groups. What one feather writes the others of the same group immediately start copying, regardless of where they are located in the FTD.

As you can imagine these sophisticated magic objects need a lot of attention and maintenance and are therefore very rare and expensive. There are many other means of communication in the FTD: Divination, runes, I-Ging… Do you have any impressions?

The workers in the postal system

Mostly young people apply for work in the postal system because in this job you get to see a lot of the FTD and it is exciting, too. This makes it a very popular job for young adventurers. Even though they risk their lives and there really are quite a few casualties on the job.

You have to keep in mind though that loosing your life in the FTD is not as absolute as loosing it here. People can choose whether to rise from the dead again and go on living at the same place and time or not. Death in the mail system is often only a means to hand in your notice, a sign that somebody is searching for a new job. People drawn to this kind of job are certainly very adventurous.

Having worked for the mail company is also a good reference in your resume and opens up important job opportunities. A lot of future leaders have worked for the postal system in their past. They leave there with their own network of personal connections all over the dimension.

Training of the personal messengers

The mail people are trained in magic, the martial arts and diplomacy. Personal messengers get a more thorough training than normal workers depending on their individual talents. You can compare this branch of the postal system to a highly specialized task force.

After their training in an  – of course  – secret location in the central part of the FTD young personal messengers are apprenticed to an experienced messenger for a few years before they get their first solo jobs. Some work alone always and some work in pairs, like our hero. He works as a flying messenger and is riding on a dragon.

Shabby and Flitz

Our hero´s name is Shabby. He is one meter tall and almost as wide. His body is chubby and round everywhere. That makes him look quite harmless. He is a dwarf with blond unruly hair, a spiky beard and a button nose. His disposition is sunny and you can see the intelligence in his clear blue eyes. He was born in a mainly agricultural society in a far away fairy tale country.

The village he was born and raised in is located in a lush valley near a beautiful meandering stream. His people raise sheep and spin wool. They manufacture exceptional wool products that are very popular all over the dimension. The garments they produce are mostly brightly white. They are waterproof and keep very warm although they weigh hardly anything. His people also manufacture boots and shoes of the same material that are very soft, elastic and extremely durable.

Shabby got his name as a child because he could never stay proper and clean. After 10 minutes he was dirty, his shirt hung over his pants and he looked …shabby. He likes his nickname far better than the formal Alois Walter he was christened with.

In the next post I will introduce you to the dragon Flitz. Do you have any impressions what he looks like and where he comes from?

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

2 thoughts on “The Postal System and the Start of a New Fairy Tale”

  1. Godspeed with your tales! In my book Zing also travels to 12 countries. My book is asleep for now, but your writing is inspiring me too. Funny sync, I also am considering writing it in blog format.

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    1. Hi Dan, how far along is your book? The blog format with about 1000 words in each post makes it manageable when you have a daytime job and other responsibilities and you would probably put less pressure on yourself woudn´t you?

      Liked by 1 person

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