The Connections Between the two Dimensions.



The fairy tale dimension has mostly rural societies. Their standard of technology is comparable to ours during the middle ages. Because magic works, there really is no need for technology. They use water or wind mills to make flour. Lamps are fuelled by magic or candles are employed. In colder climates wood or magic hearths are used for warmth. There are no fossil fuels available or needed.

I am pretty sure that there are some fairy tales using advanced technologies since our two dimensions are so closely related and our society is based on technology. Perhaps there are computers based on Turing machines, perhaps with some magic added. Do you have any impressions?

Life Times

As I have stated before time is different in the FTD. In each country it can pass slower or faster depending on the needs of the inhabitants. This means that the creatures of the FTD have a very different concept about life times. My friend the tree teacher is probably more than 300 years old. The small unicorns I played with in the meadow I visited not long ago live in eternal light and don´t know how old they are. When they have played enough they pass on to another country in FTD or leave the dimension.

Not many fairy tale figures are actually born or die in the dimension. We all know the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. She definitely is born into her fairy tale. But who knows if she ever died? It says that she lived happily ever after. What do you think?

This accounts for me having hardly seen any graveyards. People appear from somewhere and go somewhere after a while. They age when it is part of the fairy tale they live in and they don’t age when it isn´t.


The fairy tale societies are structured very diversely. Some have kings and queens. Some have autocrats and others have democratic rulers. Some don´t have any kind of government at all.


The FTD is growing, meaning that new countries are added to the plane of this dimension constantly. Other countries are given up and vanish or are forgotten.

Evolution happens in the FTD by changing the frequency of the dimension. You can translate frequencies into colours. At the moment the predominant frequency in the FTD is purple. This should have been changed over 1000 years ago. Sadly this didn´t happen. This is the big problem the FTD has to cope with at the moment.

The Ring Bearer

Responsible for the completion of this evolution is the ring bearer. Only he or she can work with the blueprint and complete the frequency change. This ring bearer is the spiritual leader of the FTD. He is not responsible for governing.  The ring bearer´s job is more that of a mediator.

This ring bearer is either a magician in the FTD or a healer in our dimension. This office is alternating between the dimensions and shows how much intertwined the two dimensions are. The last ring bearer was a magician from the FTD. The present ring bearer is from our dimension. Believe it or not I am the current ring bearer. I will tell the story of how I became the ring bearer in the next blog post.

© Inge Schumacher

Author: SunnyInge

I blog about the behind the scenes info of The Fairy Tale Dimension and invite you to join me in my discoveries. I also blog in German about my work as a healing practicioner and personal development

4 thoughts on “The Connections Between the two Dimensions.”

  1. Very interesting, Inge! If we look at the world as randomly evolving, stumbling around in the dark sea of accidents, then fairy tales may be “just a figment of our imagination ” whatever that means. But if we allow the possibility of our world being consciously magnificently designed with every detail following some kind of blueprint, however rich and flexible, then we have to allow for possibility of FTD being real and just as magnificently designed.


  2. Recently I became again interested in a fairy tale about Koschei is hat I first heard and seen as a child. One. Erosion is here:
    It is amazing how elaborate some of these things get. If this is a distorted “watered down” version of FTD reality translated into our terms, then I feel the actual intricacies are many times more fascinating.
    I’d like to design some country in FTD :). May be a part of me does that.


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