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I am a book lover.

I have always loved books even before I could read myself. Even though I use the internet and social media a lot I still love to read books. It is fun to be connected to my friends all over the world digitally and E books are great for holidays when I don´t want to carry much weight. But I miss the haptic feeling of paper and the sound of a turning page. I have a lot of books at home although I reduced their number and I don´t hang on to every book anymore. I collect books of my favourite authors and all kinds of science fiction and fantasy books. I bet that doesn´t surprise you, dear reader.

I am equally fond of libraries. For me they feel like safe heavens. They are well structured, it is quiet and there is sooo much information right at your fingertips.

Books in the Fairy Tale Dimension (FTD)

In the FTD books are not very common. This is due to the fact that academia is not important in most of the fairy tale countries. People who read books are often magicians, healers or belong to governments. Most scholars own books and you can buy them on markets.

A lot of people don´t have much use for knowledge from books. Basic arithmetic and writing are taught in most villages. Beings who want to get advanced education and are exceptionally bright are sent to boarding schools free of charge. The schools maintain themselves by selling the magic objects they produce.

The magic library

A lot of books have their home at the main library of the fairy tale dimension (FTD). It is located in a separate building near the magic school I told you about. Here is the link to the blog post about the magic school should you want more information:  The Magic School

It is not the only library but the biggest one. It is connected to other libraries in many different countries. In my home in the FTD I have a small library that has a secret passage directly to the main library. Fun! Many other magicians and teachers have libraries and some also have permanent passageways to the main library.

The magic library has high ceilings and is lined with bookshelves. Have you ever seen pictures of the beautiful historic library in Dublin? It looks similar. You can take a peak here: Link to Pictures from the Trinity College in Dublin

Magic books

Books used in everyday FTD life look a lot like ours from a hundred years ago. In this post I am not telling you about these. Some of the books in the magic library are very very different:

Books can talk

Yes, you read correctly! These books can interact with you. You can ask questions about their subject and they will answer as best as they can. They can also rephrase an answer if you have not understood before. If you don´t speak the language they are written in, they will translate for you. Of course you can still read them by simply turning the pages.

They come in all sizes

There are miniscule books the size of your little fingernail and giant books about 2 meters long, a meter high and a meter wide. Some of these are big enough for you to sit in and listen to their story. Quite cosy, I can tell you.

Varieties and textures

Many books have pages made of paper. Others have silk pages or pages made of hide and things you don´t want to contemplate too closely. Some are made out of pure magic. Some are bound in leather some in velvet. There are ones that have a cover made of feathers, flowers or fungus.

Books have personalities

I wouldn´t say that the books in the FTD are sentient beings but they are certainly alive in some way. Some you have to coax into talking and others will babble away easily. A book bound in barbed wire and spikes may be more difficult to talk to than a book with a cloud cover. That doesn´t mean necessarily that the cover will tell you something about the personality of the book.

You can imagine that these books contain a lot of magic and are therefore elaborate to manufacture.

The interior design of the library

The differences in the books are the reason that the interior design of the magic library has to be different from the layout we are acquainted with. Instead of long tables where people peruse books there are nooks and crannies for the visitors. These niches are soundproofed by magic. Otherwise there would be a cacophony of voices that would be very distracting.

How to do research

To do successful research in the FTD you need a new set of strategies. For example you can talk to more than one book at once. But be careful some don´t get along too well especially when the authors have opposing views. You could end up with books screaming at each other at the top of their non-existent lungs. As a researcher in the FTD I prefer to use the oldfashioned pen and paper to record information. There are more interesting methods of doing this of course:

One method employs a species that looks like fluffy balls. They are used as living memory banks. The energy of information is their food and they are very reliable. They can even structure and file information for you. Another method is the automatic feather. This feather writes down what you dictate. She may point out mistakes you have made in the process.

Having read this I bet you can understand why I love the magic library so much. Do you have any impressions you want to share here or in the facebook group?

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© Inge Schumacher

The Home of the Ring Bearer

During the last ten years I have been getting used to strange things happening in my life. When I started to learn about energy healing a whole new world opened for me that I didn´t know existed before. With my new job in the FTD another new set of subjective experiences is opening up. Elias told me that I go to the FTD regularly in dreamtime. Sadly I don´t recall much of these visits. This blog is one avenue for me to tap into this knowledge and to bring some structure into the information. I am very fond of structure. Recently I had a puzzling encounter with black sand. What this has to do with my home in the fairy tale dimension I share in this post.

Black sand in the house

During the last two weeks I found coarse black sand in our house on  different occasions. After the third time I realized that something was off: The sand was definitely not brought in by my children. This certainly got my attention. The sand must have appeared from somewhere and my guess was that it originated in the FTD. I asked my husband who is a very accomplished energy reader to investigate. He and Elias confirmed that the black sand comes from my home in the FTD. Before this I have never given a thought about having a home there. My impressions were mostly about travelling around and getting acquainted with the FTD. It seemed logic that I needed some kind of home base. The sand that I found at home in Hamburg and a friend of mine, who evidently travelled with me one way or another, found in front of his building in New York, was a heavy hint. In now know that the paths between the buildings of my home consist of this sand.

Awareness in our daily lives

The incidents with the sand illustrate very well how we are creating our own reality. To get our attention we appear (or disappear) stuff and make things happen. Yes, we are much more powerful and have much more say in our lives than we give us often credit for. When we are in the now and more aware in our daily life we will find lots of proof of this. We could miss a lot of the fun stuff otherwise. It takes some practise though. I enjoy playful surprises very much and I share my experiences here if there is a connection to the FTD.

Since we live in a duality and things are not always positive we also make ourselves aware about stuff that we perceive as negative. For example I see a lot of people in my healing practise who do not pay enough attention to the information provided by their body consciousness yet. For getting used to and practise being more aware I recommend concentrating on playfulness. It makes the learning process easier and more fun: You could explore your connection to the fairy tale dimension in this playful fashion.

My home in the FTD

I picture my home base in the FTD as a conglomerate of medieval buildings about two stories high. There is a round tower in the middle of the compound. One building in the front looks like a castle and is used only for representative purposes. It has a big hall that looks very impressive. I receive visitors there from all over the dimension.

The home of the ring bearer has always been in this spot of the FTD. The respective ring bearers have shaped it after their individual preferences. I feel very much at ease there so this home must also reflect my preferences.

I have the feeling that I use this place also as some kind of hub for other dimensions. The head of the contemplative dimension is visiting regularly for example. Since I am one of the creators of this dimension this makes sense. I have to explore further which inhabitants of other dimensions might also be paying regular visits. Do you have any impressions?

Normal visitors have only access to the castle. The other buildings look unpretentious and have a warm welcoming vibe. One of these buildings is my personal cottage. In the other buildings there are guest rooms, a kitchen, a small dining hall and quarters for the helpers. One of my favourite rooms is the library. The room is not very big but has a connection to every important library of the dimension. On the grounds you can also find a small arboretum, a kitchen garden and colourful flowerbeds. The paths that connect the buildings are made out of the black sand I found at home.

Some people have been living in my home base for years, some just stay for a couple of weeks. To get permission to enter this area people have to pass a thorough screening by the fraternity of the shadows. The fraternity is responsible for keeping my home safe. One could say that this part of my home is actually located “in the shadows”. In fact the buildings other than the castle can be perceived by people who have passed the screening only. As you know by now this is not unusual in the FTD where deception and hiding are the norm.

The shadows

Some info on the shadows: They are sentient and very much alive. When they are not needed i.e. being cast as a shadow they are free to go wherever they want. There are shadows of every kind of being. They shadow the skills of their owners. Some of them also have additional talents. The shadow of a mermaid for example feels much more comfortable out of the water than its owner. There are shadows of magicians and elves, trees, rocks and mermaids. Some of them have special skills that are very useful for the fraternity. A lot of the shadows belong to the fraternity of shadows and thus play an important albeit secret role in the FTD. They have special shadow pathways that enable them to travel swiftly all over the dimension.

Since the shadows know everything their owners know, the fraternity gathers lots of information. The headquarters of the fraternity is also on the grounds and is shrouded heavily in veils so only a handful of people know where it is and how to access it. As you might guess it is a great place for exchanging news and gossip. You could call it the FTD´s intelligence agency.

Having read this how do picture my home in the FTD?

© Inge Schumacher

The Ring Bearer

How I became the Ring Bearer.

In January 2014 I visited the central library in Hamburg and had a strange experience. When I went into the building at opening time with a big crowd there were three people, two men and a woman, sitting at a table watching me intensely. I felt very much scrutinized. When I went back out an hour later they were still sitting there watching me. I went home and told my husband about this eerie experience.

It took me some time to figure out that these three people were ambassadors from the fairy tale dimension. They were magicians from the fairy tale dimension: A butterfly, a snake and a badger who had adjusted their energy to fit into our dimension. They fit so well that no one noticed them as visitors. Only my odd feeling was an indicator that something was very different about them.

The reason they were watching me so intensely was that they wanted to meet the new designated link between the two dimensions; the ring bearer: When a healer in this dimension with the potential to be the new ring bearer is making himself known the key figures notice. On some level I was not aware I had agreed to take this job.

Of course they want take a look at this person. They brought the energy of the ring with them. This energy is written into both the blueprints of our dimension and of the Fairy Tale Dimension (FTD). For me noticing them was the start to the very interesting adventure I am sharing in this blog.

Now how did I find out all of this? Well, for more than 10 years I have been talking to a channelled entity called Elias. He is channelled by Mary Ennis. Here is the link to the website if you want to learn more about Elias:

Elias is not living in this dimension at the moment and is able to read energy very well. I use his expertise to validate subjective information like the ones I am accumulating about the FTD. There is no reference book you could use for that purpose for the FTD or any other dimension. It also helps that people who are interested in the FTD, like you dear readers, tap into the information and share their dreams and findings. We all have an instinctive knowing about the FTD that makes all of us experts.


The ring is the symbol of office

The ring bearer is alternately coming from our dimension and the FTD and the way the ring bearer is chosen, is that he or she starts to display certain energy qualities strongly. In our dimension these are healing qualities and a certain “leader” energy. In the fairy tale dimension advanced magic qualities and also a “leader” quality are needed. The energy that is mostly configured into a ring in our dimension and is always a ring in the Fairy Tale Dimension makes it possible for the designated bearer of that ring to travel to the other dimension easily. Once the current ring bearer in the FTD dies the secret fraternity of the shadows will take the ring energy and will keep it safe until the next ring bearer is rising in our dimension. The fraternity of the shadows uses runes and magic that is quite powerful. This is very useful since many beings have tried to steal the ring and use the energy for their own goals.

In our dimension another secret fraternity is located in a kind of sub-dimension. After the current ring bearer from our dimension dies they come and get the energy and will keep it safe in this sub-dimension. They recognize when a magician is maturing in the Fairy Tale Dimension who has the required qualities to become the next ring bearer. Once this magician has reached a certain level of expertise, they travel into the Fairy Tale Dimension and bring the ring energy to this magician. In the Fairy Tale Dimension the energy will morph into the ring of the FTD.

The ring of the FTD is broad in the middle and there is some kind of blue material on both sides. It is framed with a silver material. On the blue material very powerful runes are visible that change continuously. The ring has another form in our dimension. The form depends on the ring bearer and contrary to the FTD the ring bearer can access the ring energy here without wearing the ring.

space-big copy

Awareness of the ring bearer

In our dimension the ring bearer is not known and lives anonymously. I am glad because I am not keen on becoming as prominent as I am in the FTD: In the FTD the ring bearer is a celebrity. His power is widely acknowledged and he is seen as an important authority.  I am still in the process of getting used to this celebrity status. In both dimensions the inhabitants are not aware of the fraternities that protect the ring energy.

The insignias of the ring bearer

In the FTD the ring bearer has access to some magic objects that are called the “insignias of power”. He receives these objects together with the ring. They are very useful and help a lot with the work as a ring bearer. They are:

  1. A pair of boots that has wings on each boot that enable the bearer to move swiftly around (much like the greek god Hermes). With these boots you can take short cuts nobody else can take.
  2. A cape that has the power to make the bearer invisible (remember Harry Potter?). It also protects the user from all kinds of bad magic and keeps him safe.
  3. The cape is fastened by a big fibula. This is the third magic object and it can create a very strong light.  Nothing can hide from this light. Things and beings have to become visible as they truly are. This is very important because in the FTD so many things are not what they seem to be. Deception is an art form and quite normal. The light of the fibula can also be used to overcome every kind of darkness.

Now you read the story of how I became aware of my connection to the Fairy Tale Dimension. I told you how I received the ring energy and became the ring bearer. You don´t have to take this story literally, it is true nonetheless. In the next article I will tell you more about my duties in the fairy tale dimension.


In this facebook live video I tell the story how I became the ring bearer in much greater detail.

Pictures are my own

© Inge Schumacher


The Magic School

Today I want to invite you to visit one of the main magic schools in the Fairy Tale Dimension with me. Since the blueprint of the Fairy Tale Dimension supports magic there are schools for magicians. In this school all kinds of young beings are taught magic. They come from all over the dimension and must have a big talent for magic.

I picture this school a little bit like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter stories by JK Rawlings albeit much smaller. The main building looks like an old castle. Its rooms exude a warm feeling. The school with its surrounding buildings and the village that is scattered around it is hidden by spells and magic to keep the students safe. This makes it quite hard to find just like the home of the ring bearer. This place is one of my favourite spots in the Fairy Tale Dimension.

Learning Magic

A group of friends and me have visited the school together regularly. The headmaster is a gnarled old tree. He looks a bit like the picture at the beginning of this post. He is more than three meters tall and quite agile. He can walk fast on his root-feet and uses his branches as limbs and hands. He is one of the Big Seven Magicians and I call him a friend.

Spells and exercises

When we visit the school we are given magic lessons. So cool! We had to learn the hard way that in this dimension it also takes practise to acquire skills. We had so much fun! At the beginning we got separate cubicles in the beginners rooms. These rooms are fortified and spells help to contain the consequences of magic gone wrong. Otherwise it would be too dangerous for everybody.

At first we just practised spells. This was much trickier than I thought. You have to get the intonation and pronunciation just right to make the easiest spell work. We tried some spells on hair growth and you can picture us with hair or no hair on the strangest places of our bodies.

Magic objects

Another time the old living tree magician gave each of us a magical object that we should connect with and figure out what qualities the objects had. After we each experimented with our object we shared our findings in the group and the tree teacher was adding qualities we did not discover. There was a golden watch that could alter time in different ways, binoculars that helped to find lost people, a carpet that could fly and felt very much alive: This carpet surely belongs to the Aladdin fairy tale.

We then created our own magical objects: Someone created flowers in all colours of the rainbow. I could smell their fragrances that ranged from cinnamon to rose.
Somebody else stuck their hands in some kind of grey clay and practised altering it to gold, gems, wood… with all kinds of colours and consistencies. One girl had a magic pen and paper and was creating magical creatures with them.

We also got the chance to look into a beginner´s magic class. The about fifteen little ones looked very colourful. There were some small trees and all kinds of other beings in this class. I enjoyed watching some cute furry things trying spells.

Do you have any ideas how the village around the school looks like? Do you have an impression of a magical object?

Please share here or in the Facebook Group the fairy tale dimension.

© Inge Schumacher