Behind the Scenes Information on the Ring Bearer

A dear reader of mine asked me whether the ring bearers in our dimension were aware of their role and she wanted more information about the connection of the dimensions and the rings.

What is a blueprint of a dimension?

A blueprint is a guide for constructing something and dimensions are built according to such instructions. In our dimension the laws of physics are the basis. Magic is the driving force of the Fairy Tale Dimension. An apple in our dimension will always fall to the ground because of the law of gravity. In the Fairy Tale Dimension it depends on the kind of apple and the spells that are used whether it falls to the ground or flies around. The roles of the ring bearers are built into both blueprints.

IMG_20180831_074030Were the ring bearers on earth aware of their role?

All ring bearers got aware of their role eventually. The conditions of becoming the ring bearer here are being open for the other dimension and being a healer.

I found out early when the three emissaries brought the energy of the ring to this dimension. I sensed that something was unusual when they were watching me. You can read more about this here.  I was aware of the existence of the Fairy Tale Dimension before that, which made it easier.

I was wondering whether there was an inheritance to be found from one of the ring bearers of our dimension. Sadly this is unlikely since the last ring bearer here lived about 700 years ago. The last ring bearer from the Fairy Tale Dimension died about 250 years ago – he lived for about 300 of our years.

I think there was such a large gap, because we were not open enough. Since the start of the shift in consciousness in 2000 the veils of separation between different dimensions are getting thinner. This is why people are becoming much more open for the vast possibilities of consciousness.

What is the job of the ring bearer coming from the Fairy tale Dimension?

Ring bearers stay in their own dimension most of the time. In the Fairy Tale Dimension they are chosen because they show the potential to be exceptional magicians and experts in energy manipulation.

Their job is to bring soothing and healing energy to our dimension.

They come here mostly in their dreams and in projections. They rarely contact individuals or create bodies. Remember, our universe is very large and keeps expanding! In former times they probably have connected with shamans and other open-minded people and were perceived as healing ghosts or gods.

The ring bearers of this dimension

have the job to facilitate the growth and development of the Fairy Tale Dimension. They have healing abilities and live a normal life, just like me. I am a human being like everybody else with all the normal faults and daily problems. What I needed to be selected as a ring bearer was the openness for the other dimension and the potential to be a healer. I have started to discover my healing abilities quite late in life; in my early forties. You can read more about this here.

I do energy-healing and mostly work one on one with my clients in my healing practise. What I enjoy most is helping people to help themselves and this trait is fitting very well to my role in the Fairy Tale Dimension.

I can´t heal our dimension like a ring bearer from the Fairy Tale Dimension could. But I am part of a group that tries to soothe the turbulent energies currently expressed on our planet to minimize trauma. Everybody can do this and this group has nothing to do with my ring bearer job.

In the Fairy Tale Dimension the ring bearer is one of the key players and a celebrity.

This is due to the way the dimension works: Magic is the driving force there and people love to show off their magic abilities.

Just like people here drive a sports car to be admired. Since the runes on the ring of the ring bearer have the most powerful magic of the whole dimension the status comes with the job. You can read more about this in the Home of the ring bearer.

The ring here

The ring in our dimension is a more or less a random object. It looks different for each ring bearer. I see it more as a symbol, the key to the Fairy Tale Dimension. As soon as every rune is mastered the ring is even less important because then the ring bearer has assimilated its energies and can work with them as needed.

When I found out that I was the designated ring bearer and that some kind of ring was to be coming my way I remembered: Years ago my late mother-in-law had given me a ring with a fire opal surrounded by rhinestones that she had inherited. She said to me: “I think this is for you”. When I touched the ring I felt some kind of healing energy emanating from it and I told her: “You are right, this is a ring I can use for healing.” I had no idea that it was the key to something much bigger.


The ring in the Fairy Tale Dimension

In the Fairy Tale Dimension the ring is not just a symbol. It is a powerful tool and one of the insignias of the office. I always wear it when I am there. The other three are: a pair of boots, a cape and a fibula. You can read more about them here.

The ring is built like a small round tower with three layers. Each layer has three runes on it.

  1. The first layer enables me to access the special places in the Fairy Tale Dimension reserved for the key players. It gives me access to my home, establishes the connection to the brotherhood of the shadows and introduces me to the first steps of ring bearer magic.
  2. The runes in the second layer have deep roots in the blueprint and make it easy to create all kinds of things. I don´t really understand how they work. The concept of magic is still somewhat alien to me.
  3. The third layer is what is needed to complete a frequency change. Only the last rune represents the living blueprint. The first two runes are for practise and boy did I need that and the help of the magicians who kept everybody safe while I got acquainted with the powers of those runes. One thing is the same in our two dimensions: It does take practise to master an art or a craft.

Now I can access the third rune as long as I am ready. I am not able to do the frequency change anytime, since I am still working on accepting myself totally. Only when I have achieved this I can activate the third rune safely. Since I am a normal human working on developing my personality – one of my life´s goals is to be wise one day – this is a work in progress.

Is there a connection between our shift and the vibrational change in the Fairy Tale Dimension?

In the Fairy Tale Dimension evolution is only possible through the frequency change initiated by the ring bearer. After such a change the system has shifted into a higher gear opening up new avenues of evolution of magic. This is totally different from the freedom of development our blueprint provides.

Our dimension has decided to implement a shift in consciousness years ago. This shift is restricted to our dimension. To make things a bit more complicated: I am not even sure whether every one of the billions of parallel realities in our dimension has implemented this shift.

Fairy tale fans from all over our earth have contact with the dimension when they read, tell and write stories, or visit in dreams. It does not matter whether they are aware of this connection or not.

The two dimensions have a close connection. I picture this connection as a loose chain between two big boats. They are separate but share the some waters. The job of the ring bearer who alternates between both is only one proof of this close connection.

How can our connection to the Fairy Tale Dimension help us in our shift?

What I have learned from the fairy tale dimension is the use of a generous dose of humour that enriches my life considerably. It feels now as if I have a bit from the Fairy Tale Dimension with me wherever I am.

Humour helps me to stay more in the present

During the last months I have started to look for absurd angles in everyday occurrences. This way I can better see myself getting all upset about something from a distance and with humour. This makes it much easier for me to be more present. This is important because by staying in the now I have the chance to actively shape my reality the way I want to. Because of this I can feel a growing ease in my everyday life, which I am very thankful for.


I did a facebook live video in my facebook group The Fairy Tale Dimension on this .

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One Year The Fairy Tale Dimension

Lets celebrate! When I visited my friend Harry in the Netherlands last August I came back with a wordpress blogging site called @fairytales. When I mused about putting together the information that I had gathered about the Fairy Tale Dimension Harry said:” Why don´t you use this blog I have hardly used?” I thought this was a brilliant idea, went home and started this blog.

This is my 32nd blog article and in November I have started my second blog in German about my work as a healing practitioner.

The only qualification I had for this was that I liked writing essays at school and I had written a few guest blogs. I discovered that it was harder than I thought and it took a long time until I was content with an article. With practise I got much faster but an article still takes a lot of time.

My first article The Fairy Tale Dimension was published a year ago. It introduces the readers to the fairy tale dimension and is the most popular article so far.

Harry gave me selfie lessons when I visited last week.


The blogging community

I needed some time to get acquainted with wordpress. Since I am not a computer whizz it took me a while to get the hang of it. Most of the features I learned as I went along. I joined some facebook groups about blogging and found them very helpful.

Now I follow many interesting blogs both in German and in English. I started to comment more on other blogs when I realised that people rarely do that even if they love an article. Why not tell the author that you like his ideas and enjoy reading about them? Most of us don´t get paid for blogging and we profit a lot from the feedback we get.


Language and audience

Since this blog is mostly about the subject of the fairy tale dimension I decided that it would be easier to write in English. This way I could reach an international audience. English is not my native language although I am quite fluid in it. I have spent a year as an exchange student in the States as a teenager and really love the language. It was not easy to overcome my fears of making and publishing mistakes. And there are bound to be some since I do not have the means to invest in professional proofreading. Thankfully my readers seem to enjoy my articles nonetheless.



I don´t use any plugins at all. The aksimet statistics provided by wordpress show me where some of my readers come from. Most of these readers in 2018 are from the United States, Germany, the UK, India and Canada.

Other countries showing up are Iceland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Australia and Austria. Besides Croatia, New Zealand, Indonesia with more than ten visits, I have found 55 other countries with 1 to ten readers. A lot of my traffic comes from facebook and wordpress.

During the last 6 months people have started to find me more on Google and other search engines. I read that this can happen when you publish consistently quality material, which I try to do.

I have 23 followers now which is nothing compared to other blogs, but I am very proud of my small organically growing community. In my facebook group there are 70 members. We have fun sharing the fairy taley aspects of our lives.

The favourite articles besides my first one are High Sensitivity for Everybody? and The Ring Bearer.


My motivation

Why do I blog? I needed a place to put together my material on the Fairy Tale Dimension. Once I had done that I added more information. I use my regular blogging schedule to keep at it. It is my incentive to keep tapping into new information. There is a wide variety of subjects to write about and I love to use my creativity to fill my blog with life.

I realised that it orders my mind to write articles. Sometimes I surprise myself and the end-product looks a lot different from what I have expected at the beginning. It is fun to structure my ideas and insights and I don´t stop editing until I have the feeling that the reader can follow an article easily. I like to use examples of my own life and this gives my blog a personal touch many readers enjoy.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-15 um 10.33.47

1. Writing about personal development

The nice thing about having my own blog is that I am the only one who decides what to put in. One of the driving forces of my personal and work life is personal development. I am learning constantly and enjoying it immensely. In my healing practise I can use this knowledge and experience to support my clients. I am part of a regular meetup group about personal development where I enjoy giving talks and exchanging ideas.

This is why I also publish articles about personal development. Sometimes I first write an article in English and afterwards I realise that it also fits well to my German blog and then translate it and vice versa. I don´t translate literally, I often add aspects that had not occurred to me in the other language.

Lately some readers have given me feedback that things “clicked” for them when they read one of my articles. This has made me very happy.


2. Writing about the Fairy Tale Dimension

I realise that the main subject of my blog is unusual. I am not the average food or life-style blogger. There are countless fairy tale fans out there, but who might be interested in exploring the background of this dimension?

So cool that there is an increasing number of people who like to read about something that sounds like fantasy.

What is a dimension?

A dimension is a self-contained reality created by consciousness. They come in all shapes and seizes. Each dimension has a main focus: Ours is to experience emotions. We happen to be living in one of the biggest and most complex dimensions. I have written an article on this subject: Visiting other dimensions and playfulness. The fairy tale dimension´s main focuses are playfulness and flexibility.

Did you know that every book and story that was ever written is real in its own way? Authors tap into the reality of their characters and transport their findings here for us to enjoy. I have heard authors say many times that once they started a book the characters seem to come to life and develop in unexpected ways.

I am not the only one who writes about other dimensions. There are lots of stories about Atlantis, which is also very fascinating for us. But I am probably the first one to publish information about the Fairy Tale Dimension.

I have a lot of fun putting together the background information about the key players, like the Ring bearer, the GrImporter and the Grim Reaper.


My connection to the Fairy Tale Dimension

I have always loved to immerse myself in different realities. I like to read fantasy and science fiction stories because they make me think in new ways and open up new worlds to me.

How I got involved with the Fairy Tale Dimension you can read here: The Ring Bearer.

What you can get out of the Fairy Tale Dimension blog

I have been widening my awareness considerably writing this blog. One thing that I have been including more and more in my daily life is humour, which is an integral part of the Fairy Tale Dimension. I take myself a lot less seriously and this helps me to live more in the now and be more present.

I want to consciously create the reality I live in, something that I can only do in the now. This last year it has become much more natural for me to follow the little impulses that make me more present and I have created unexpected fun new ways to achieve my goals.


I invite everybody who is reading this to also widen her awareness in a playful manner. Even by contemplating that there could really exist something like the fairy tale dimension you allow your creativity and your thinking to expand. And this will help you in your daily life to be aware of more possibilities and choices. And it is fun, of course!


Plans for the future

I will continue the biweekly publishing of articles both about the Fairy Tale Dimension and about personal development. Here is your chance to influence what you read: What do you want to know more about? What subjects interest you?

I want to take a closer look at magic and the group of the great seven magicians for example. Of course I will continue the behind the scenes views of different fairy tale countries.

Harry and I are planning a second Fairy Tale Dimension dream group event.

I am still searching for new ways to reach more Fairy Tale Dimension fans. I have discovered many nice websites about fairy tales, but have not found a helpful online community yet. Do you have tips for me?

I also plan to do something new: A facebook live video in my facebook group. It would be great to answer any questions you might have about the Fairy Tale Dimension.


You can find Harry´s website about dreaming here: Harry Quinto. His facebook group is Dreamers United Fb.


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The Waterfall Dimension and Dreaming

Today I introduce another dimension in this blog. Apart from the fairy tale dimension we have visited the contemplative dimension. There are billions of dimensions which all exist parallel because consciousness is so vast. When I try to comprehend this, my head starts to hurt so I just stop trying.

The Waterfall Dimension

We discovered the waterfall dimension in my husband´s teleportation group a few months ago. It is a transitory dimension. This means that you can end up there when you travel through dimensions without a specific goal.

Travelling through dimensions?

I don´t do that! You will probably say. Well, sorry, yes you do. All of us project to other dimensions in our sleep without being aware of it. The dimension we visit most is the fairy tale dimension this blog is about. You can read about how the fairy tale dimension is constructed and how it works here.

Besides the fairy tale dimension we visit many other dimensions, too. I have been to the Unicorn dimension, Atlantis, a liquid dimension and the Naga dimension (big sentient snake-like beings live there) to name a few. We can do much more than we realise!

Reykjafoss in Iceland

It seems that a lot of us are coming across the waterfall dimension sooner or later. There is some kind of natural connection to our dimension I cannot pinpoint yet. This connection makes it easy for us to make a stopover there before moving on.

What does the Waterfall Dimension look like?

The waterfall dimension looks like a giant tiered cake. There are 9 big layers. Every layer is a separate world on its own. The layers are connected by giant waterfalls. Many different waterfalls fall over the rims and connect one layer to the next. These waterfalls are like gigantic lifts: Some are flowing upward and some downward. They flow through vacuum and space so gravitation ends at some point. But the water is still flowing to the next layer.

There must be a huge water cycle spanning the 9 worlds. For the animals and plant life living in this water means that their home is a giant vehicle that enables them to travel a lot. When I tap into the plant life I see big interwoven red algae that serve as nesting grounds for small animals. There is also a predator that reminds me of our dolphins. It can live both in and out of the water.

sequoia tree LoggaWiggler
Sequoia by LoggaWiggler Pixabay

The ships

The waterfalls are navigated with special ships. These ships are built of the wood of a huge sequoia-like tree that has specific properties: To navigate safely in the streams and not topple off into the void the ships need to have some kind of friction that makes them stick to the stream and the wood is essential for this.

The people who harvest the wood can communicate with the plants and thus shape the trees growing them according to the form that will be needed later. Especially the big logs are pre-manufactured this way. The smaller parts are built with normal woodwork.

The ships have a closed ovoid shape and, if needed, can be totally immersed in water. It is important that the ships are kept permanently at a certain angle to maintain optimal buoyancy. It takes skilled navigators to manoeuver them.

The navigators

The navigators are a species that has dedicated itself to tending the trees, building the ships and navigating them up and down the waterfalls.

To me they look ant-like, walking upright with a big head with antennas and many thin stick-like arms and legs that can manipulate a multitude of controls at once.

The non-physical

The specialty of the waterfall dimension is a connection to non-physical realms: In the room between the cake layers the veils between the physical and the non-physical can become very thin.

What does that mean? We are physical because we have bodies. We can touch material things and manipulate them.

Nonphysical things can´t be touched and are normally not seen by us because of the veils that separate us from the non-physical.

Consequently when you travel these waterfalls you can see and interact with all kinds of ghosts and apparitions you would not be aware of in your physical world. You can also see what impact your energy is making and how you are forming energies. If you always wanted to be semi-transparent, this is the place to go for it.

Depending on how far apart the layers are, the veils are thinner or thicker. You can get very uncomfortable in the places where the layers are further apart and the veils get very thin.

This can be very scary! Just imagine a ghost or a horrific monster materializing beside you as you read this article. Would you say: Hi, how are you and start a conversation? Probably not. I would be frightened for sure! Why? Because we are not used to this and need time to adjust.

Luckily the navigator species is not only very apt at handling the ships but they also help their passengers to get used to the nonphysical energies during the weeklong journeys.

Near Godafoss in Iceland



I regularly join my friend Harry Bosma in one of his dream groups. Since I am not an avid recorder of my dreams I motivate myself to pay more attention to them by attending some of his group events. Last October we even did a group dream event featuring the fairy tale dimension.

I know that I visit the fairy tale dimension a lot in my dreams but it is hard for me to recall and interpret the feelings and images I dream about. I overcome this obstacle by what I call tapping into. By tapping into I connect with the subject I want to know about energetically.

In the dream groups we set dream goals and share our dreams and daytime synchronicities. The participants of the recent dream group are familiar with the fairy tale dimension and have all been travelling regularly to other dimensions with my husband´s teleportation group. One of our goals in this group was to connect to other dimensions. Interestingly we ended up in the waterfall dimension and this experience inspired me to write this blog article.

Dreaming about the Waterfall Dimension

First all of us dreamt of water in different forms. Then a torus shaped form started to appear in our dreams. We discovered that this shape stands for a being that is the gatekeeper of the waterfall dimension. I imagine that it works a little like the GrImporter in the fairy tale dimension.


One of the group dreamers found out that the torus can communicate by feelings and so finds out the intentions of the visitors. It is aware of what they want to experience and of their preferences. It then recommends places to go and sends them on their way. My feeling is that travellers pass right through the torus.

To me the torus is not entirely physical. There is no doubt that it is sentient, highly intelligent and compassionate however. It seems to be made out of dense fog and does not have any organs, arms or legs. It is a very interesting being we will explore further.

I am always amazed how we come up with information in the dream groups and how we create a much bigger picture by adding our dreams. Thank you a lot D, Harry and T for your input to this blog article!

The whole water dimension still feels very alien to me. It is so different from our dimension and the fairy tale dimension. I don´t know much about the 9 individual worlds yet and I will see what we will find out in the future. I am especially curious about the connection between our dimensions. As always: Your impressions are welcome.

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