One Year The Fairy Tale Dimension

Lets celebrate! When I visited my friend Harry in the Netherlands last August I came back with a wordpress blogging site called @fairytales. When I mused about putting together the information that I had gathered about the Fairy Tale Dimension Harry said:” Why don´t you use this blog I have hardly used?” I thought this was a brilliant idea, went home and started this blog.

This is my 32nd blog article and in November I have started my second blog in German about my work as a healing practitioner.

The only qualification I had for this was that I liked writing essays at school and I had written a few guest blogs. I discovered that it was harder than I thought and it took a long time until I was content with an article. With practise I got much faster but an article still takes a lot of time.

My first article The Fairy Tale Dimension was published a year ago. It introduces the readers to the fairy tale dimension and is the most popular article so far.

Harry gave me selfie lessons when I visited last week.


The blogging community

I needed some time to get acquainted with wordpress. Since I am not a computer whizz it took me a while to get the hang of it. Most of the features I learned as I went along. I joined some facebook groups about blogging and found them very helpful.

Now I follow many interesting blogs both in German and in English. I started to comment more on other blogs when I realised that people rarely do that even if they love an article. Why not tell the author that you like his ideas and enjoy reading about them? Most of us don´t get paid for blogging and we profit a lot from the feedback we get.


Language and audience

Since this blog is mostly about the subject of the fairy tale dimension I decided that it would be easier to write in English. This way I could reach an international audience. English is not my native language although I am quite fluid in it. I have spent a year as an exchange student in the States as a teenager and really love the language. It was not easy to overcome my fears of making and publishing mistakes. And there are bound to be some since I do not have the means to invest in professional proofreading. Thankfully my readers seem to enjoy my articles nonetheless.



I don´t use any plugins at all. The aksimet statistics provided by wordpress show me where some of my readers come from. Most of these readers in 2018 are from the United States, Germany, the UK, India and Canada.

Other countries showing up are Iceland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Australia and Austria. Besides Croatia, New Zealand, Indonesia with more than ten visits, I have found 55 other countries with 1 to ten readers. A lot of my traffic comes from facebook and wordpress.

During the last 6 months people have started to find me more on Google and other search engines. I read that this can happen when you publish consistently quality material, which I try to do.

I have 23 followers now which is nothing compared to other blogs, but I am very proud of my small organically growing community. In my facebook group there are 70 members. We have fun sharing the fairy taley aspects of our lives.

The favourite articles besides my first one are High Sensitivity for Everybody? and The Ring Bearer.


My motivation

Why do I blog? I needed a place to put together my material on the Fairy Tale Dimension. Once I had done that I added more information. I use my regular blogging schedule to keep at it. It is my incentive to keep tapping into new information. There is a wide variety of subjects to write about and I love to use my creativity to fill my blog with life.

I realised that it orders my mind to write articles. Sometimes I surprise myself and the end-product looks a lot different from what I have expected at the beginning. It is fun to structure my ideas and insights and I don´t stop editing until I have the feeling that the reader can follow an article easily. I like to use examples of my own life and this gives my blog a personal touch many readers enjoy.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-15 um 10.33.47

1. Writing about personal development

The nice thing about having my own blog is that I am the only one who decides what to put in. One of the driving forces of my personal and work life is personal development. I am learning constantly and enjoying it immensely. In my healing practise I can use this knowledge and experience to support my clients. I am part of a regular meetup group about personal development where I enjoy giving talks and exchanging ideas.

This is why I also publish articles about personal development. Sometimes I first write an article in English and afterwards I realise that it also fits well to my German blog and then translate it and vice versa. I don´t translate literally, I often add aspects that had not occurred to me in the other language.

Lately some readers have given me feedback that things “clicked” for them when they read one of my articles. This has made me very happy.


2. Writing about the Fairy Tale Dimension

I realise that the main subject of my blog is unusual. I am not the average food or life-style blogger. There are countless fairy tale fans out there, but who might be interested in exploring the background of this dimension?

So cool that there is an increasing number of people who like to read about something that sounds like fantasy.

What is a dimension?

A dimension is a self-contained reality created by consciousness. They come in all shapes and seizes. Each dimension has a main focus: Ours is to experience emotions. We happen to be living in one of the biggest and most complex dimensions. I have written an article on this subject: Visiting other dimensions and playfulness. The fairy tale dimension´s main focuses are playfulness and flexibility.

Did you know that every book and story that was ever written is real in its own way? Authors tap into the reality of their characters and transport their findings here for us to enjoy. I have heard authors say many times that once they started a book the characters seem to come to life and develop in unexpected ways.

I am not the only one who writes about other dimensions. There are lots of stories about Atlantis, which is also very fascinating for us. But I am probably the first one to publish information about the Fairy Tale Dimension.

I have a lot of fun putting together the background information about the key players, like the Ring bearer, the GrImporter and the Grim Reaper.


My connection to the Fairy Tale Dimension

I have always loved to immerse myself in different realities. I like to read fantasy and science fiction stories because they make me think in new ways and open up new worlds to me.

How I got involved with the Fairy Tale Dimension you can read here: The Ring Bearer.

What you can get out of the Fairy Tale Dimension blog

I have been widening my awareness considerably writing this blog. One thing that I have been including more and more in my daily life is humour, which is an integral part of the Fairy Tale Dimension. I take myself a lot less seriously and this helps me to live more in the now and be more present.

I want to consciously create the reality I live in, something that I can only do in the now. This last year it has become much more natural for me to follow the little impulses that make me more present and I have created unexpected fun new ways to achieve my goals.


I invite everybody who is reading this to also widen her awareness in a playful manner. Even by contemplating that there could really exist something like the fairy tale dimension you allow your creativity and your thinking to expand. And this will help you in your daily life to be aware of more possibilities and choices. And it is fun, of course!


Plans for the future

I will continue the biweekly publishing of articles both about the Fairy Tale Dimension and about personal development. Here is your chance to influence what you read: What do you want to know more about? What subjects interest you?

I want to take a closer look at magic and the group of the great seven magicians for example. Of course I will continue the behind the scenes views of different fairy tale countries.

Harry and I are planning a second Fairy Tale Dimension dream group event.

I am still searching for new ways to reach more Fairy Tale Dimension fans. I have discovered many nice websites about fairy tales, but have not found a helpful online community yet. Do you have tips for me?

I also plan to do something new: A facebook live video in my facebook group. It would be great to answer any questions you might have about the Fairy Tale Dimension.


You can find Harry´s website about dreaming here: Harry Quinto. His facebook group is Dreamers United Fb.


Pictures: private and pixabay

© Inge Schumacher





The Frequency Change in the Fairy Tale Dimension

The other day Peter, one of my avid readers, contacted me. He asked me how the frequency change came about and what happened afterwards. He had researched the  website and did not find much information. Grateful for the inspiration I went to work.

Evolution in the human dimension

Our blueprint enables us to evolve without any external help. We are not dependent on a key figure like the ring bearer. This gives us much more freedom to develop ourselves, and our environment. Our bodies change for example: More and more children are born without appendices nowadays. The important evolution for me is the shift in consciousness.

Dimensions have something like a collective intent. Ours has agreed to start this shift in consciousness in the year 2000. Since then we are becoming more aware and start to realise that everybody creates his own reality. Some people do not actively support this development; they will leave sooner or later. The shift will be finished around the year 2075 and I expect the world to look very different then.


Evolution in the Fairy Tale Dimension

Every 2,000 years the predominant colour in the FTD needs to change. For the first time ever the frequency change did not happen on time. Why is the frequency change so important?

The frequency change in the Fairy Tale Dimension is its way of development and evolution. When the end of a colour era nears, the energy level of the whole dimension starts to decrease. The energy that drives the dimension is magic. Without the change there can be no new inventions. The addition of new countries and the discontinuation of old ones gets much more difficult.

space-big copy

The ring bearer

Responsible for the evolution is a key figure, the ring bearer. Only he or she can work with the blueprint, add and subtract countries and complete frequency changes. This ring bearer is the spiritual leader. He is not responsible for governing but is more a mediator.

This ring bearer is either a magician in the Fairy Tale Dimension or a healer in our dimension. This office is alternating between the dimensions and shows how very intertwined the two dimensions are. The last ring bearer was a magician from the FTD. I am the present ring bearer. You can read how it all started here: The ring bearer.

The change was late

The change was late for about 1,000 years because the last ring bearers from both dimensions did not manage to become one with the third living rune and finalise the change. Some people who tried, when they were not ready, died. This delay has caused unknown hardships in the FTD: A strange sickness started to spread.

Suddenly the inhabitants developed physical problems. This happened for the first time ever and this is why there were no records of this mysterious illness. Since this problem was unheard of in the history of the FTD nobody had an idea what to do.

It took the magicians quite a while to figure out what was happening and to create ways to alleviate the suffering. This was a long time before I got aware of my connection to the Fairy Tale Dimension. You can read more about this in the illness in the fairy tale dimension.


How bad was it?

The situation was very critical when I was appointed the ring bearer 3 years ago. The energy volume had reached an extremely low level. This meant that everybody felt it. I felt the pressure to help fast and was very motivated to support the inhabitants.

Sickness because of an external cause was unheard of until then. Death and accidents that caused physical harm were never permanent in the Fairy Tale Dimension and always a choice. They were part of the stories in the respective fairy tales and were remedied in seconds.

With the sickness caused by the delayed frequency change it was different. People could not snap out of the injuries or death like they were used to. They stayed weak and sick and could not be helped. Injuries healed much slower, if at all, and for some people death lasted much longer than planned.

Countries where shape-shifting was an integral part, like in the merpeople country Mertopia, were hit worst. The shape shifting could only happen slowly if at all and life was seriously disrupted because of this. The longer this situation lasted, the more a depressive mood was spreading throughout the dimension.

The low energy also affected plants and animals. They could not grow and develop normally. In the Fairy Tale Dimension it sometimes is difficult to define what a plant or an animal is because a lot of the species are sentient.


Finalising the frequency change

On the 3rd of February 2018 I was able – with the help of my husband – to finalise the change from purple to yellow because I managed the third rune. I can´t explain how it happened. I remember that in meditation I suddenly realised that I was able to work with the third rune and immediately did it.

I had had many trial runs with the two first runes that are also part of the ring before that. I am an accomplished energy healer here and this helped me working with the invisible energy of magic. Since I did not have a clue how magic worked it was not easy.


The head magicians, the Great Seven trained me patiently, especially my special friend the tree teacher. I recall some instances where my exercises in invoking the two runes resulted in an impressive display of fireworks and there would have been serious destruction if the magicians had not kept everybody safe.

Could I do this again easily now? No. I need to be totally accepting of myself to use this rune without doing any harm. Self-acceptance is definitely one of my life´s goals that I have not achieved permanently yet.

Until the change was finalised a lot of people helped me to alleviate the suffering. Besides the magicians a lot of people who love fairy tales stepped in. Some people were aware of this, like the people in my facebook group, and some weren´t. We did healing circles and supported the local magicians best as we could.

Thank you for your help! People have been telling me that we made a difference and provided much needed hope.


After the frequency change

Half a year after the change things are slowly going back to normal in the Fairy Tale Dimension. The people, plants and wildlife in the more affected fairy countries are still recovering while in other countries there are hardly any marks of the illness any more.

New countries

New countries can be added easily now. Some have been waiting for a long time because the process before the change was long and tedious. You can read about the addition of new countries here.

Evolution of magic

The most important change is that the magic can flow freely once more. The energy volume is again at an optimal level. Shape shifting is easy again and new fields of magic can evolve. I am not sure where the current evolution of magic that has just started will lead us in this era.

The Great Seven magicians are in charge of filtering and promoting new magic tricks before contacting the ring bearer to implement necessary changes of the blueprint.

Some young enthusiasts prefer to contact me themselves to present their new ideas. These two ways ensure that good ideas for the evolution of magic are not lost.

One thing that is changing massively at the moment is the integration of technology from the human dimension. The GrImporter is a good example for this. He is the biggest tech nerd I have met so far.

There are some magicians who experiment with databanks in magic book form as a means to facilitate the organising the fairy tale countries more efficiently.

Just like some humans, they are fascinated by new gadgets. Sooner or later there will probably be some interesting hybrids and magic machines.


The connection to our dimension

My faithful reader Peter surmised correctly that the frequency change has also an impact on our dimension. It has brought us closer together as you can see in the current evolution of machine-magic.

The illness was the first time the inhabitants of the Fairy Tale Dimension got an inkling of what it means to live in the human dimension. They could not understand before what it was like to have a disability and sit in a wheelchair or to be suffering from a chronic disease. The whole concept of suffering was alien to them.

Just like we cannot comprehend how to die and immediately reappear or how magic works.

The two dimensions are connected with a loose chain. This way each one of us can rock its boat without doing too much harm to the other side. The illness rocked the FTD boat quite hard.

With all the unrest we have in our dimension with the climate change and political turmoil we did not feel it. Perhaps now we can profit from the ease, laughter and positive energy emanating from the FTD at the moment.

Thank you for the inspiration for this blog article, Peter! Everybody: Feel free to contact me when you have any questions or ideas for this blog! Remember, there is no right and wrong in the exploration of the Fairy Tale Dimension.


Pictures: pixabay, private

© Inge Schumacher