The Connections Between the two Dimensions.



The fairy tale dimension has mostly rural societies. Their standard of technology is comparable to ours during the middle ages. Because magic works, there really is no need for technology. They use water or wind mills to make flour. Lamps are fuelled by magic or candles are employed. In colder climates wood or magic hearths are used for warmth. There are no fossil fuels available or needed.

I am pretty sure that there are some fairy tales using advanced technologies since our two dimensions are so closely related and our society is based on technology. Perhaps there are computers based on Turing machines, perhaps with some magic added. Do you have any impressions?

Life Times

As I have stated before time is different in the FTD. In each country it can pass slower or faster depending on the needs of the inhabitants. This means that the creatures of the FTD have a very different concept about life times. My friend the tree teacher is probably more than 300 years old. The small unicorns I played with in the meadow I visited not long ago live in eternal light and don´t know how old they are. When they have played enough they pass on to another country in FTD or leave the dimension.

Not many fairy tale figures are actually born or die in the dimension. We all know the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. She definitely is born into her fairy tale. But who knows if she ever died? It says that she lived happily ever after. What do you think?

This accounts for me having hardly seen any graveyards. People appear from somewhere and go somewhere after a while. They age when it is part of the fairy tale they live in and they don’t age when it isn´t.


The fairy tale societies are structured very diversely. Some have kings and queens. Some have autocrats and others have democratic rulers. Some don´t have any kind of government at all.


The FTD is growing, meaning that new countries are added to the plane of this dimension constantly. Other countries are given up and vanish or are forgotten.

Evolution happens in the FTD by changing the frequency of the dimension. You can translate frequencies into colours. At the moment the predominant frequency in the FTD is purple. This should have been changed over 1000 years ago. Sadly this didn´t happen. This is the big problem the FTD has to cope with at the moment.

The Ring Bearer

Responsible for the completion of this evolution is the ring bearer. Only he or she can work with the blueprint and complete the frequency change. This ring bearer is the spiritual leader of the FTD. He is not responsible for governing.  The ring bearer´s job is more that of a mediator.

This ring bearer is either a magician in the FTD or a healer in our dimension. This office is alternating between the dimensions and shows how much intertwined the two dimensions are. The last ring bearer was a magician from the FTD. The present ring bearer is from our dimension. Believe it or not I am the current ring bearer. I will tell the story of how I became the ring bearer in the next blog post.

© Inge Schumacher

The Magic School

Today I want to invite you to visit one of the main magic schools in the Fairy Tale Dimension with me. Since the blueprint of the Fairy Tale Dimension supports magic there are schools for magicians. In this school all kinds of young beings are taught magic. They come from all over the dimension and must have a big talent for magic.

I picture this school a little bit like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter stories by JK Rawlings albeit much smaller. The main building looks like an old castle. Its rooms exude a warm feeling. The school with its surrounding buildings and the village that is scattered around it is hidden by spells and magic to keep the students safe. This makes it quite hard to find just like the home of the ring bearer. This place is one of my favourite spots in the Fairy Tale Dimension.

Learning Magic

A group of friends and me have visited the school together regularly. The headmaster is a gnarled old tree. He looks a bit like the picture at the beginning of this post. He is more than three meters tall and quite agile. He can walk fast on his root-feet and uses his branches as limbs and hands. He is one of the Big Seven Magicians and I call him a friend.

Spells and exercises

When we visit the school we are given magic lessons. So cool! We had to learn the hard way that in this dimension it also takes practise to acquire skills. We had so much fun! At the beginning we got separate cubicles in the beginners rooms. These rooms are fortified and spells help to contain the consequences of magic gone wrong. Otherwise it would be too dangerous for everybody.

At first we just practised spells. This was much trickier than I thought. You have to get the intonation and pronunciation just right to make the easiest spell work. We tried some spells on hair growth and you can picture us with hair or no hair on the strangest places of our bodies.

Magic objects

Another time the old living tree magician gave each of us a magical object that we should connect with and figure out what qualities the objects had. After we each experimented with our object we shared our findings in the group and the tree teacher was adding qualities we did not discover. There was a golden watch that could alter time in different ways, binoculars that helped to find lost people, a carpet that could fly and felt very much alive: This carpet surely belongs to the Aladdin fairy tale.

We then created our own magical objects: Someone created flowers in all colours of the rainbow. I could smell their fragrances that ranged from cinnamon to rose.
Somebody else stuck their hands in some kind of grey clay and practised altering it to gold, gems, wood… with all kinds of colours and consistencies. One girl had a magic pen and paper and was creating magical creatures with them.

We also got the chance to look into a beginner´s magic class. The about fifteen little ones looked very colourful. There were some small trees and all kinds of other beings in this class. I enjoyed watching some cute furry things trying spells.

Do you have any ideas how the village around the school looks like? Do you have an impression of a magical object?

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Basics of the Fairy Tale Dimension

Introduction to the physics of the FTD

In this blog post I introduce you to the basic layout of the FTD. Every dimension has its own blueprint. This blueprint decides what is working in a dimension and what is not possible. For example: In the FTD magic is possible and works well. Magic is taught in schools. Some inhabitants can shape shift. Magic doesn´t work here on earth. Our laws of physics belong to our dimension. In the FTD these laws can differ even from country to country.

The Fairy Tale Dimension looks like a map

The structure of the Fairy Tale Dimension is one flat plane. There are no planets or galaxies. Each part of the fairy tale dimension, every country, is located on what I picture the same large map. As you reach the border of one country you enter the next in a consecutive way. There are different means and shortcuts to every country: Magic doors, valleys, everything you can come up with.

Each country has a different energy configuration so it can be tricky to travel from one country to another. Temperatures and seasons may suddenly change. The climate can be very different in each country. There are icy and warm, wet and dry environments.


passes differently in each country dependent on the needs of the inhabitants. Some countries have longer days, some have longer nights. In some there is always night or day.


As you know from different fairy tales there are all kinds of sentient inhabitants. There are intelligent animals, humanoids and intelligent plants. I have even met a species of intelligent rocks. There are magic creatures like unicorns and dragons. I have met a herd of a meter high playful unicorns and played with tiny dragons that reflected my emotions. They bite quite fiercely by the way.

Beings are only rarely born into the FTD or leave it by death. Mostly beings somehow appear and then fade or walk away. Lifetimes can be quite short or very long in our terms.

Now you are acquainted with the basics of the fairy tale dimension. You see it is a very interesting colourful place to explore.

© Inge Schumacher



The Fairy Tale Dimension


Welcome to a behind the scenes view of the Fairy Tale Dimension.

There is a reality where all the fairy tales we know, and many more, actually exist. This is the Fairy Tale Dimension. Our universe with our solar system and countless galaxies is another dimension. As you might guess there are endless dimensions as consciousness doesn´t have any boundaries.

In this blog I concentrate on the Fairy Tale Dimension and my personal connection to it. I also publish some articles about personal development, one of the key subjects of my work as a healing practitioner.

I would like to invite you to join me in my discoveries in a realm that is more real than you ever thought. I don´t expect you to take this blog literally as my experiences are very subjective. But test your imagination and widen your awareness by following me into the world of the Fairy Tales.

When you found this blog you are interested in fairy tales in one way or another. You are not alone!

There has always been a close relationship between both dimensions. Humans have liked to connect with it at all times. We are fascinated by a realm where magic is the driving force. There are many fairy tales that give testimony to that. The inhabitants of the Fairy Tale Dimension are also aware of the tight connection between our two dimensions. They know that we have stories, movies, poetry and other art forms, paintings and sculptures about them.


Visiting the Fairy Tale Dimension (FTD)

I  believe that we all have visited the FTD at one time or another. As children we allow ourselves a lot of leniency towards images of magic, strange creatures  and remember more of these visits. As adults we allow this flexibility mostly in our dreams. We have learned that dream images don´t belong in our reality.  We don´t think they are real. But boy, images of the Fairy Tale Dimension are reality! Just not here.


Where do I get my information

The information I am sharing in this blog comes mostly from my own experience: From some dreams I remember. I also get information from the Fairy tale Dimension engaging what you could term as day dreams or tapping into. Sometimes I project there as everybody can. Projecting means to focus your awareness somewhere else. I mostly visit by creating a body there that enables me to interact with the inhabitants.

For three years now I have been collecting information and stories of this very different world. Ever since I found out about the very close connection I have with this other reality. I use this blog as a means to put together and share this information to everybody who is interested.

As I connect to a wider audience with this blog I receive valuable insights from my readers. I enjoy this a lot and share this information here, too.


Please connect

For discussion I created a Facebook group called The Fairy Tale Dimension. We share our impressions, dreams and things that remind us of the FTD . We pool and discuss our information and this is fun!  Everybody has his own experiences. There is no wrong information about the Fairy Tale Dimension and of course I don´t know everything.

Please comment and like my blog posts if you enjoy reading them! Thank you.

All the facts I have shared so far and the key players of the Fairy Tale Dimension

I collect all the main facts about the FTD and its keyplayers on this page: Facts about the Fairy Tale Dimension. It is continously updated. I recommend this page for a better orientation in the fairy tale universe.


© Inge Schumacher